Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why NO vlogs and Why NO msn?

No one asked me this question but i just wanted to tell you guys just incase some of you are wondering. (Which i assume none of you are really wondering la. XP)

To be honest, I have some vlog materials with me right now. Although some of the quality of the video is not that nice (I was using my handphone to record since my camera is gone) but i really wanted to keep my vlog account updated.

My brother has been hogging the laptop these days cause he got assignments to do and next thing you know his exams notes are in the laptop and he needs to study for his exams and all. Without laptop and I cannot vlog will my webcam and edit my videos. So yeah.. that pretty much explains everything. XP

Since the laptop is off the hook, means i only can call people on skype. No video call. Unless you dont mind showing me your face and me not showing mine. XP

Oh since im on the topic of skype, i mind as well tell you guys this as well. Im will not be using msn ever again. Is not that I dont want to but I cant use it anymore. Its because my account is sorta like hacked so its like keep blocking my account. Everytime to unblock my account I have to use the sms system to unblock it. Each sms for the unblock code cost about 50sen of my phone. But when I unblock my account and rechange my password, it somehow block my account again. Obviously its hacked then.

Since im off the hook from msn as well, I only can use skype from now on. Sobs.. im going to miss that account with all my friends that I have for almost 5~6 years. DX (No kidding, 5~6 years.)

If you guys want add me in skype, leave a comment or a message to me your skype name. But I gotta know you guys in order to add you guys. so yeah~ XP

So no laptop until my brother's exams is over and no msn forever. DX

Thats pretty sucky...

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