Thursday, May 26, 2011

What happened to My High School!?

*I aint gonna reveal my high school's name just incase the issue is over sensitive and I might get caught for some shyt. Who knows right?

Okay nothing big really happen to the place.. maybe its just me.. or maybe the place did really change or whatever.. Just hear me out and you will decided k?

My high school was a badass school. Not badass in a good way.. but badass in the cool way!! (get it?) Even before I entered the school, the school is already badass cause its full with legendary gangsters!! And believe it or not, one of the leader of the gangster is named Yu Ming. Im not making this shyt up, its true.

My years in high school, there are bunch of badasses. Im probably the lowest rank of badass in my high school. Like the lowest ranking of badass! (or maybe im not even a badass)

When it was my year in high school there are like smokers and motorcyclist at the back field. Students are actually afraid to go through the alley at the back field. They usually will take the longer way around to avoid any troubles from the badass students. How freaking cool is that. Sometimes, the backfield will have bloody gangster fights. Its nice to watch but not nice to watch for long.

In my days, when it was someone's birthday, we beat the crap out of that person. Splash that person with waters and basically embarrassed the person at the end of school day. We called it the birthday bash. (no, everyone calls it the birthday bash) Its painful but its really really fun. Ahhh.. good old days. XD

So, how is my high school like now? All i can say is.. Its different! Its just not the same thing anymore!! I heard that the most discipline teachers are off the hook from the school already. So, the discipline level should be decrease and badass should be increase. But guess what? its another way around! D8

First is definitely how the school itself have change. When it was my year, the walls of the school are this and this colour. (i dunno what the colours are called.) Its cool cause it sorta resembles the school logo and flag and stuffs.

But guess what? the walls of my high school now is light blue colour. LIGHT BLUE COLOUR!? You got to be kidding me!! if it was dark blue then it might be okay alittle bit.. but dolphin light blue colour!? Holy crap.. GAY!! Thats all im saying~

The good thing is there will still be students hanging out at the backfield. The bad thing is, they are no more smoking or riding motorbikes. They are freaking riding bicycles. BICYCLES!! A motor without engine!! How can that look badass!? DX

The last one, the birthday bash. There is no birthday bash anymore.. I dont see any birthday bash no more!! I was walking back from Taman Bahagia one day. I have to go through my high school to get back home. I saw bunch of students singing happy birthday song and holding out a nice mango cake for their friend. Its nice.. very nice.. but what happened to birthday bash!? I thought its like a tradition! You guys are dudes!! Why are you singing birthday song!? Why arent you bashing up your friend just for fun!? D'X

The song has basically changed alot!! Maybe cause I dont go back and visit my high school everyday so I maybe dont get to the those badass times in my high school. But im very sure that my years are waaay more badass than what we have now.

I remember my class use to make teachers cry! They them so frustrated and dont feel like teaching us anymore. I remember my class use to plan our ponteng school session and go over to the cyber cafe and play some COD and DOTA. Ahhhh.. Those are the days.

I guess things do change.. even High schools. Well i bet the high schools teachers are happy since all the badass are decrease there.

So cheers? yeah.. Cheers.. DX

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