Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Are You Growing Up? (Oreo 5)

Oreo? his doing good these days no worries.

What im really worried of is whether his growing up or not. Its been a month that Oreo is living in my house. But the son of a bitch is still small. Like piuny size. So small to the extent that I can bring carry him and walk around the corner.

The stupid thing about us is that we didnt go figure what kind of breed is Oreo. We didnt even bother to check or ask about it.

So, we are not very sure whether that puny little thing will grow up or not!!! Maybe his the kind of dog which will never grow!? Then our outdoors training will just be a waste!? D8

So are we going to go and check his breed? NO!!! Cause I still believe that puny little thing is going to grow into a big strong doggie. Yes, im stubborn me. XP

To be honest, his legs did grew longer. Alittle. Its almost unnoticable. Or maybe its self fulling expectation? XD

Oreo's training has been paying off very well. Thanks to my sister for putting some effort to help you he actually know how to 'hand' and 'up' already. Which is pretty cool! XD

Please Oreo, GROW UP!!! Look big and strong!! Impress me! XD


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  1. i think Oreo IS slightly larger than before. haha


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