Monday, May 23, 2011

Someone Comment my Vlog??

Dont worry i cant believe it myself. But still.. believe it. Here are some print screens to prove it. XD

From the video "Im on Holiday Mood!!"

From the video "My First Vlog"

From the video "Leave the Nerds Alone"

Not just comment, some of them even liked and shared my videos around the world!!

I know on my first video vlog i said that you guys cannot share my videos cause all the videos are all on private mode or something. Well, a little birdie persuaded me to change my mind and volah!! XD

So, you guys can start sharing my vlogs ONLY if you think its really really good. Dont just share it for my sake. I will never beg u all to share my videos (expect youtube covers).

Really, I never knew that my retarded vlog can attract people's attention around the world. Some of my videos are just really random stuffs and some of it are just rants.

And I am very very touch when people subscribe and liked my videos. I really really apperciate everything you guys do out there. I wanna thank you all for even taking the time to watch it! XD

Again, Thank you everyone for keeping in touch with my vlog. X)

I will do my best to make my vlogs more and more interesting.


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