Monday, March 1, 2010

The BEST Present!?

This is what totally happened today.. just read this story of mine.. and things will start to make sense.. (or maybe not).

After i came back from my college.. My brother was right infront of the computer.. checking out this comedy series 'JOEY'. God, i love that show!! Joey Tribiani is freaking funny! XD I meant not only the character but the actor himself as well..

Then all in the suddenly my brother got a phone call.. He had a conversation with his friend. I didnt bother listen to what his saying cause i was busy playing 'DJMax' on PSP. (thats what i've been playing these days. XP) After his phone conversation, he called me to get changed and ready to go out.

So i was like..

Klex: Huh? Why? Where are we going?

Brother: You didnt hear what i was saying to my friend on the phone meh?

Klex: No.. i didnt bother to listen at all..

Brother: Even better, then it will be a surprise for you then. Grab your guitar too.. you might need it..

I still dont understand what the heck is going, but so far wherever my brother bring me.. its always a nice place.. So I just grab Libby along and followed him.

Next thing you know, we appeared at a some airport place. My brother bring me in and we meet up with this friend of his. From what i see and hear from his accent, his not a malaysian, his more to an American guy.. He was dressed up pretty formal, looks like an agent or something. Well, im surprised cause my brother usually have such different culture friends. o.O

Then, that guy introduce himself to me.. heres our conversation..

American dude: So are you K's brother, Klex?

Klex: Yeah??

American dude: Oh, your brother had told me sooo much about you. Im James (i think that was his name) nice to meet you. *shake hands*

Klex: Hi, James. *shake hands*(i felt kinda awkward and dont really know what to say during that time..)

James: First, i wanted to wish you a happy belated birthday.. *smiles*

Klex: Thanks.. My brother told you that?

James: Yes, he did. He asked me to help him out with your birthday present.

Klex: Really?? Wow.. thanks..

James: Oh you must be wondering what are we doing here.. We are actually waiting for your present. *smiles*

Klex: My present?? Its from overseas!? 8D

James: Yes.. now are just waiting for 'it' or should i say 'her'.

Brother: Wait till you see his face when you meet 'her'.

Both of them started smiling and laughing.. but still i dont get whats going on.

Not long later.. I saw an american girl with curly blonde hair wearing a sun glasses and walking towards our direction. She was pretty tall and she a had a guitar chase in her hands and an aunt beside her. I cant really see her clearly from far but i have to say she looks damm familiar.. Then she smiled at me for a moment.. thats awkward.. Then James asked me a pretty familiar question..

James: Say, I heard that you are a huge Taylor Swift fan..

Klex: My brother told you that too? XD Yeah, a pretty big one.

James: Well, your gonna love this present very much.. meet Taylor Swift.


As the blonde girl walks closer and closer.. she started to look more and more like Taylor Swift! D8 Then, when she took of her sun glasses and she IS Taylor Swift! D8

OMG, Taylor Swift visiting me as my birthday present!?

The whole time my brother was discussing with James about asking Taylor Swift coming down to Malaysia to do a concert in the mean time visit me. And James was Taylor's agent and the aunty beside her was her mom! D8

We talked a little bit about this and that.. and she gave me her 'Fearless Platinum Edition' album with a signature of her as my present. Then she took a picture with me as a memory. 8D

Then we took out our guitars and started playing 'Love Story' together at the airport. Then everyone started taking pictures of her.. She asked me to sang with her.. but i didnt want to cause i will just spoil half of the song. XD After singing, i asked her to sign her signature on Libby.

Then, she has to go back to her hotel and get ready for her concert there in Malaysia. So she gave a quick hug and entered the taxi car..

My brother then asked..

Brother: So did you like your present??

Klex: Like DUH~ hell yes!! Thanks bro..

Then suddenly my phone rang.. i hear the my phone ringing but i just cant find my phone. Then suddenly..

The next thing i know i was on my bed.. With my phone ringing. Then, i look around me.. I was still wearing the same cloths when i came back from college, Libby has no Taylor signature on it, the PSP DJMax game was still running from the last song i just played, my brother was sleeping and the time is 4.30 in the afternoon..

I took up the phone and it says 'Tomorrow basketball first trial from 3.30 to 5pm.'

So all this time of crapping and yapping about Taylor Swift was just a BIG fat dream. If i was not wrong, i slept when i was watching 'JOEY' with my brother.. And all thanks to the message ring tone, i woke up from that beautiful dream.. ish..

Now i know i have too much imagination power.. I guess thats why i had sooo many white hairs growing. XP Oh well as what my emails says..

Dreams Never Exists.

Or mayb they do.. but what i just dreamt, its just too hard to exist. XP