Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jam Session in Campus

Today.. i brought Libby to Campus.. It was her first time visiting the main campus.

Of course i have a reason bringing Libby to campus. I dont just bring guitar for no reasons (although most of the time i do. XP) Today, me, Nick, Saiful, Marsh, Reuvan and Faris are having our first jamming session in DSA. We actually took control of the room although we didnt really book it. XP

We spend most of our time dicussing and doing this and that.. but still we did jam. We did some pretty great songs and people sorta enjoyed it. XP thanks to the people who actually came to DSA just to support us. X) Hinting: Alex, Corliss, Samantha, Candy, Esther and Max. XP

Here are some pictures of our jamming session.

Cracking my hands and warming Libby up. XP

Got a little carried away today.. XP

Nick arrived with full of happiness with his guitar. XD

Prepares to start jamming..

Look its the b'day boy jamming! XD
Happy B'day Dawson. XP (did i spell his name correctly? o.O)

Saiful has the same exact guitar like mine..
Just that mine is more prettier than his. XP

Some random Max picture..
Looks like he lost a football game or something. XD

Picture credits goes to: Candy

I shall not expose the songs that we played.. lets just leave it private until orientation night.. XP

Nick said i got a little bit carried away today.. i dun kinda get what he said. (sorry bro.) i have been playing that way and that style for years and i dun find people telling me that. XP Or mayb today i was just alittle bit extra excited. I'll mind yur words Nick.

Nick was a good accoustic strummer like usual.. head accoustic guitarist..

Marsh can freaking play drums and guitar! Long story short.. this guy totally rock man.. Our electro guitarist..

Reuvan and Faris are both good drummers.. Just that Faris is more to scream-o type of songs and Reuvan not so much. I still take both as our drummer. XP

Samantha was a great manager there.. She comments and give us hints so that we can improve.
Alex did a great job commenting as well.. way the go 'Simon'.. XD Both are our managers.

I have to say.. we are pretty good and im getting the hang of this jamming thing. Still.. there is always space for improvements. XP But seriously.. we need some elector accoustic guitars! XD

Lets all work together and build up a better band in HELP. XD


Im tired.. so is Libby.. XP