Friday, March 5, 2010

College before Weekends

Friday, aka the day before weekend.. heres what i happened in campus.

I have only one class today.. which is Calculus. I have to say, Mr Joel is nice.. i mean his always nice! He always let us go early and let just relax for our weekends. Some of you might think that his a bad lecturer because of this but screw you all! XD Yay, no homework during weekends. XP *Me and CaiHong cheers*

Before Calculus, Me, HanHan, Ahad, Max and Marsh are kinda crazy.. We started pinching each other for no reason.. I dun really know why did that happened but still.. HanHan started it! XD

Max and Faris was really nice.. he waited for our class to finish and wanted to go out makan with us. X) Thank bros.. Then Candy joined along too. Then we started kacau-ing her.. XD

All in the sudden, i heard someone shouted at my real name. (No one ever shouts my real name in campus.. cause most of them dont know.. XD) then when i turn my head, it saw Weigin running towards me! 8D Wow.. For the first time i meet Weigin in my campus! 8D But she didnt come there just because of me.. cheh! XD I spotted XinYi too. X) Its nice see-ing them there even though im not the reason that they came there looking for. XD

Alex and Ivan came and join along, then Candy have to go back due to some reason. All of us become hungry.. so we went to Ali Maju (again..) to eat cause Nick was there..

Fariz always know when am i taking picture one. Dammit..

Meet up with a few of Nick's friends.. they all are very very friendly and hot/pretty people.. X) Then we spotted someone extremely familiar there..

Found Mr.Siva in Ali Maju!!

Btw, I suspect Mr Siva reads my blog.. why? Cause he knows everything about me and my friends! XD Its no surprise if he knows me and my friends.. but he knows a little bit too much.. XD

Then Nick and Alex have to go back campus for meeting. Ivan have to go home.. so me, Faris and Max went to DSA and have fun.. The farkers beat me in pool.. flat! XD

Faris was playing drums.

He was thinking of the beat.. XD

Max was busy playing ping-pong..

I tired to play a little bit a drums..

*slam Slam SLAM* I buat macam yes only la..

*bam Bam BAM!* Im going siao liao..

*dum Dum DUM BANG!!* I had it.. XD

Thats all happened today..

Im home alone now.. again.. with Libby but shes still sleeping.. XD

Oh well.. but as I said..

Good things are Worth Waiting for.. X)