Thursday, March 18, 2010

Harsh Day

Lets see.. Computer Principle, Computer Principle and Study Skills. o.O

It was funny.. Mr.Siva thinks im the most popular guy in foundation 1st sem. XD I dunno.. but i just found it kinda funny. XP Well, shows that im making a good legacy of my brother then.. (his famous in Sunway. XP)

Mr.Siva caught me loafing around other ppl's class.. so he called me back into his call. No he didnt scold me, infact he called me just because he wants me to be in class. XD How nice of him. X) Im going to miss him when his not teaching me anymore.. X)

JinHwei came to HELP and register today!! 8D Yay!! First Justin and now JinHwei! Both are my very good friends are coming to HELP and studying foundation! Amazing! College life will be so much better at sem Two! X)

After having lunch with Canny (she belanja-ed me. XP), Tracey, WaiMeng, Corliss and Max, i paid a visit to the music club audition.. Im cool with auditions, so i gave it a shot.. turns out to be a total insult to me. BIG BIG insult. I sang 'Thunder' which is the song which i frequently used for many many different auditions this year. And so far.. i've been getting good comments.. except this one.. this one is a real insult!

First of all most of them never heard the song 'Thunder' before and im singing most of the parts alike with the original and they start giving comments the total opposite from what comments when i heard so far.. I felt so freaking insulted i say it straight to their face "I actually came here is not for auditioning to become a guitarist or vocalist, im just here to audition for fun. No offense." Seriously.. insulting me is not big deal.. but insulting me with 'Thunder' is a real tick off!

I dun care if that leave me a bad impression in them.. but seriously.. Music Club is not my thing anymore.. mayb cause i dont listen to chinese song as much as they do. Mayb they just want chinese educated ppl in it.. bah!

Who cares.. I got 'No Credit' to cheer me up tomorrow anyways.. X) Im going to strum soo hard and let go all the stress in me!

I got back my mid-term Study Skills paper.. and i saw everyone did so well and i didnt.. i felt soooo stupid all in the sudden. Things became worst when my mid-term assignment came to me.. I feel like breaking down BIG time.. totally no mood to study anymore..

I had an alone time in campus after that.. and sittting around alone without friends around really its different.. No out to cheer me up or make me laugh.. hrm.. its pretty harsh day..

But still.. thanks to Dex for kinda calming me up a little bit when we are taking the bus home. X) Although he didnt do anything much but got someone to talk abt it feels good. X)

Calculus Quiz tomorrow.. Dammit! Im really really really scared! D8

Things are really different when your around.. X)