Monday, March 22, 2010

Orientation Day

Yeap, today is when all the march intakes comes in!! 8D Yeah!! More students, more friends and more chicks.. XP (Loyal! LOYAL!)

English, we had quiz.. its actually not that hard.. lets hope that i get some good grades this time la. X)

Crash into Max, Mandy, Corliss, Dex, Hevind and Mash's finite maths class again. Sometimes.. i really think that the teacher doesnt know my existance.. XD So we had a little fun during finte maths class..

Max was caught checking out my chick.. XP

Hevind, was playing with some pig wand! XD

From the look of his face.. his having fun with it. XP

Corliss's bear bear on the right, and Mandy's pig wand on the left. XP

*gasps* Taylor Swift!! XD

Dex is playing shotgun with the pig wand.. XD

Reloads.. XD

After that head to the lower foyer we head to the lower foyer to begin our tour guide journey with the new intakers. XP Justin, Kim Ngiam and JinHwei was in my group.. XD

After that we have to promote our orientation night which is also known as the Pajamas Party to the new intakers.. So Corliss, Candy and Joey dressed up in their pajamas and with some doll and bear bear to help out.

The white one is HUGE!!!
It reminds me of Taylor Swift's bear bear in valentine. XP

Our 3 pajamas ladies and the 2 bear bear.. XP

This will make a good wall picture for our pajamas party. X)

C2Age HELP's Anime club was promoting their club as well. X)

His trying to be Byakuya.. XD

Of course i have a little bit fun myself.. XP

After that, me, Max, Corliss and Candy went to Petaling street to buy something for the pajamas party. That time.. i was feeling kinda awkward.. my body feels like weak and my leg doesnt like me at all. I feels like someone is punching my leg every second.. anyways..

Before that, Corliss has to go to her office and settle somethings.. yes, HER office. And yes, she same age like us and she owns an office. Jealous? XD

She how the boss is multitasking! XD

Heres the product that shes selling.. its called Picabot.

Go facebook and search for a video abt this product in my profile.. you can see how extreme does the product do. XD

Head to Petaling Street and buy the things that we need! Its been awhile ever since i go shopping with girls.. and im still not getting the hang of it. XD Plus, my body was still kinda weak that time..

After buying some stuffs.. i really begin to sense my body heating up, next thing u know.. BAM! Fever.. So, everyone had to fetch me back to campus asap..

On the way back.. guess whose driving Max's car the whole time? XD


After that head home and rest.. and its comfirmed that i have fever..


Until thursday~ Im 90% cured on that day.. XP

Now.. 6~7 of my friends got my virus.. Why?? My mom still ask me to go to campus even know im not feeling well. Dammit.. Kinda stupid right?

Well.. i hope everyone else is okay..