Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Its not Dead, Its Alive!

You might think that the blog is dead.. but actually NO!! Its going to be alive now! XD

I've been checking out my own blog.. Im just extremely busy/lazy to blog about anything.. since there are many things going on lately and im also a very busy man.. XD

I've been busy with assignments, quiz and also presentation. Having a really busy college life but still FUN. XP Like they said, No Pain No GAIN! XD

March intake people are kinda friendly.. and i have to be honest.. there are lots of nice/friendly/pretty looking people. XP I just hope they are all sporting enough for the pajamas party. X)

I have been doing alot of thinking.. I sometimes think that we are getting further apart from each other.. Me and You? Sometimes... i think that things are not going to work out..

Sooo many things to do and so little time! BAH!!!! Lets just hope i can pull it through.