Tuesday, March 16, 2010

No, I wont be It again

So you think that im a happy life now? So you think i wont emo anymore?

Honestly.. im still YuMing (although im Klex la). Im still going to get emo once in a while.. but at least.. this time i wont be a douchebag and emo for no farking reasons la. I know its bad for emo but just let me emo here once more okay?

I flunked my calculus.. as in really FLUNKED it!! real bad.. i thought i did great but i turns out really really bad.. like really REALLY bad! (with all the capital words, u shud know how bad i really did).

I got kicked out from basketball team.. why? cause im not the choosen one.. bah.. actually this is not big deal la.. Its just basketball with some show off ppls around me (im not say all, i meant some like one or two. the rest are great. XP)

Lastly.. i just knew today.. that i was with this friend of mine.. she was kinda close to me i guess.. we keep in contact although she still goes NS and everything.. Honestly speaking.. I missed her.. but it turns out.. she doesnt understand me much as i do towards her.. alright..
Suan Le Bah.

I was going to emo but i remember there was once a friend how told me a line that kinda cheer me up in almost any situation..

Life is Sweet, Emo for awhile is More than Enough.
Life is Short to be unhappy, look forward, stay positive.
You can pull it through..

Guess who said that? XD Its a new college friend.. and her name are coloured in yellow in my blog.. so guess who? XP

So yeah, i maybe be hurt or bring down again.. and again.. but this time im standing back up!! I will try not to be emo again. (highlight the try.)

I said it once, and im going to say it again..

In college life, im going to change my life!

Yeah!! im pumped!! im going to strum the guitar all night long! XD

Who wants mahjong!? XD *semangat gila already*

They say blog are for letting out feelings.. well thats what im doing and it works pretty much good for me. XD

Something no related to this post:

I just got a new line.. XP

Wolf Aint going to Howl Alone.

Write that down.. XP