Sunday, March 14, 2010

Random Pictures in my Phone

Here are some random pictures there are in my phone.. XD Since i cant post it out on facebook, i mind as well post it in my blog. XP

Let us begin from SPM results day.. (no im not going to talk abt my results.. XP)

Rachel and Megan took my phone to camwhore. XD

JinHwei calling her parents about her wonderful results. XP

We found this two kids who have more balls then us. XD

Reminds me of someone.. XD hinting: Candy.

KCY aka Alvin with his chicken.

Tarvin aka Brown with his brown hair and brown shirt.
(Now u are completely brown. XD)

Nat aka Bitch.. seriously he still looked blur after so long. XD

Failed to take Rachel but got Megan in the end. XD

Sharon and Eng Siew. Sharon blur, Eng Siew fast. XD

YESH, caught Huiee off guard.. and a little bit of WeiSoong as well. XD

LenPing was fast.. and darn smart. XD

Alright enough of SPM result day and get back to College life pictures. XP Here are some pictures of the ladies in my campus..

Fiona, Candy, Corliss and Ysabelle are having their cotton candy moments. XD

Fiona feeding Ysabelle. *yum* XP

Fiona feeding herself.. *yum*. XP

Candy eating her cotton candy and Ysabelle taking pictures.

Corliss find the cotton candy sweet.. *yum* XD

Ladies with their cotton candies.. XP

Stupid facebook dont let me upload pictures.. sheesh.. dunno why.. but nvm.. u guys can feel free to steal it from my blog. i wont call the blog polices.. XP

No. I am not turning to a photographer.. I just volunteer to take pictures for my blog materials only. XP No pictures this blog will be very sien.. XD