Sunday, March 21, 2010

Random Pictures in my Phone

Yeap, random pictures again! XD

Corliss eats pretty slow.. well, one of the many reasons is that she finds a hard time cutting foods. (dont laugh at her! XD) Well heres how she solve the problem then..

Max was sooo gentlemen to cut it for her. XD

Scared.. if yur really really really LUCKY, u can see one around my campus. XP

This person walking infront is not a students.. looks like one but not..
Its Mr.Siva! XD

Alex challenge our all time SSNL winner Max.
This picture prove that Alex lost! XD

Heres something interesting that Suelyn brought to sunday school today. XP

She brought a set of mahjongs to sunday school! XD

Fat Choi!! My favourite card of all! XD

Suelyn was nice.. so she gave a piece.. i dunno what does that me so yeah.. after looking and touching it.. i figure it out what was it! Here.. let u guess..

Got it now? Well.. if u still cant figure it out mayb the next picture will..

*bites* yeap.. Its mahjong chocolate!! 8D cool huh? XD

I love Suelyn's phone pattern.. XD

These sweets reminds me of someone.. XD

This is me and you now.. X)

Alright thats it for this time.. I get very little blog material lately.. so this is all i got. XP

Thank you for reading! X)