Monday, March 8, 2010

Straight Stare, No Laugh!

I got like two post to make and i really really wanna finish it today.. so i'll try to cut the whole story short and not make any colour editting la. XP

Monday, only one class which is with Ms.Annie. Always the cute and lovely Ms Annie. XP After her class.. Ivan, Me, Yinlin, SezKiang, HanHan, Reuvan and Nick went to eat some wantan mee!! 8D

YinLin and Sez Kiang walking behide..

Ivan and Reuben walking infront..

I found this drain which is very cool! its has a RENT sign right at the bottom of the drain.. XD Pretty cool huh?

HanHan and SezKiang having fun around.. XD

Then we went to DSA and play some ping pong.. but then SezKiang brought some weapon with him.. i dunno what does it call but its the weapon that is used by Bruce Lee! 8D

Look at what is he holding! XD

*swing swing swing* walau.. geng..

*swing swing swing* im not going near him any more.. XD

Nick was fasincated that SezKiang actually brought it! XD

*swing~ swing~ swing* simply swing one la him. XD

But still he manage to do the ending post. XD

All of our phones.. i dont know which is which! XD

The I went to Ali Maju and makan with Saiful, Candy, Esther, Max, Samantha, Marsh, ChunWeng, Ahad.. and i dont remember liao.. XD

Table one..

Table two..

And table three! XD

This shows that there are lots of us there.. XD Geng leh..

After that, i walk them back and then i went and makan with Elaine in Spinky.. Nice restaurant that was recomended by Peter.. XD

After that, i went and makan again with Max, Corliss, Candy, Esther and Nick. As in AGAIN! XD (if you notice i ate 4 times that day already.. D8) We went to KFC this time.

Max buying his freaking non-cheesy wedges!
and he says he dont like chessy wedges! D8

Look at him chewing that non-chessy thing! XD

This is a cheesy wedges.. *drools* XD

And this is how u eat it, Max! XD
Thanks Corliss for demostrating. XP

After that we played a game called.. Straight Stare, No Laugh competition.. and damm we have fun. Videos are all posted up on facebook. GO find la! XD

Then we started talking about ghost stories, death, anything that scary la..

Candy was scared to hear this thing of thing.. XP

Right after coming from KFC. Pops! Comes out Weigin and trying to scare me.. but she failed terriblely.. XD

After that Corliss fetch me home.. X)

Good day~ Good night! XD