Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chap Goh Meh Night

Chap Goh Meh = Chinese Valentines Day.
Chap Goh Meh = Sunday.
Chap Goh Meh = OVOM Audition Day.
Chap Goh Meh = Suilun and Sze Mei's B'day!
Chap Goh Meh = performance night!

Yeap, all those even on Chap Goh Meh. XD Pretty busy day.. heres how the day goes..

Sunday Class was kinda boring.. but what makes it more interesting is Qi Wei came! 8D he kinda entertain the class for some reason. XP Then, there was youth Avenue.. which is some interesting game.. I had fun!

It was Libby's first time going down to sunday school.. and everyone loved her.. basic L.O.V.E.D her. Well.. she sound great as usual. XP (btw, if some of you dont know who/whats Libby check my previous post. XP)

Then, we head down for choir.. YanLeng did something really really sweet. X)

Pretty cute and sweet right? Thanks YanLeng. X)

That was her 9th way of wishing me happy birthday.. yeah NINETH way! bet you guys cant figure what kind of ways she did to wish me. X) Thanks again YanLeng..

That day also OVOM's (One Voice One Melody) Audition day for the new comers. Wow, audition day.. i remembered the day that i had audition. XD It was a long time ago.. XP

Suilun the pianist and part time singer now.

Victor did pretty great with his 'When you say Nothing at All'.

Wilson too, same song as well..

Some of them are sooo nervous.. they practise and practise again.. XD

Overall audition was great althought i was not even there more than half of the time. XD But still from what i heard.. i was great..

All in the sudden.. everyone ask me to gather around with Suilun and Sze Mei. Then..

WeiGin walks out with a cake in her hands...

Happy Birthday song then begans to start..

I was nice of them to celebrate for me my b'day even know it passed 3 days ago already.. Thanks guys.. plus the cake taste really really really good. Typically secret recipe style.. XD

Heres how the cake looks. XP Yumm~

The 3 birthday people! X)
Happy 17th Birthday to Sze Mei
Happy 18th Birthday to Suilun and Me.

Fuuhhh~ Blows Candle.

What Lobach can freaking play piano! 8D

We are still hungry.. and the cake is definately not enuf for us.. so we head to KFC and eat again! XD

Everyone stuffed into the car..

Qi Wei was the driver!! 8D

Everyone was waiting for their food.

After eating, we have to wait until 6.45pm for our performance.. so we went to Justin's place! XP We ate steamboat there! Woaw.. more food! XD Then, we hang out at his place for awhile..

Me and Justin played Pokemon cards again.. and DAMM it was fun! XD Seriously, i can even feel the excitement of playing pokemon cards again. XD Althought Justin used his fake deck and trash me 2 rounds.. XD

It a short time there but a lot of things happend. I found a little girl crying at a corner at Justin's place.. she cried because she missed someone..

It was 5.30 already.. time wash up, comb hair, grab guitar and its SHOW TIME!! XD

There was like 7 of us went to Justin's place.. and 7 of us have to squeeze in one car. D8 Well.. that for a record.. but still we still cant beat the record of 7 person in a Myvi. D8 The car was running 100km/h but it feels like we running 80km/h. XD Must be the weight we had in there.

We reach 6.55pm but she said that we were late.. cannot blame.. too pack ady. XD

Everyone gather at the fountain to get themselves ready.

Me and Bryan are already HIGH before the procession. XD

I was the lead guitarist of the night. XP

And Bryan as my assistant guitarist. XP

Procession begins and we have lion dance drums ahead of us.. but still we can hear our voice and we are still singing. XP

just look at the semangat we got inside us la! XD

and i didnt notice that, that night was a full moon..

Me and my sister sorta played around during the procession. XP

After around 1hour plus journey (or more) we reach back temple.. and our first destination.. That night we sang almost 20 plus song.. and suprisingly, we didnt really lost our voice. 8D

right back where we started..

Then we head to sri dhamma hall to rest ourselves..

Meet my sister. Kelly. XP

I was checking Libby whether is there anything wrong with her. o.O

You see this clown here.. He plays guitar. XD

After that head home and slams on the bed.. I slammed on the bed but still i cant sleep. Thats awkward.. So i stay up all night repairing Libby and downlaoding songs in the internet.

1am was near.. and i finally feel sleepy. Head to bed and zzzzz...

College starts again! XD But my class start right at 8am in the morning! D8