Thursday, February 18, 2010

CNY Pictures.


Honestly, i dont have the time to take any pictures from my kampung and post it up due to last minute cramming assignment. But at least i got a few.. XP So heres the 'few' i've got. XP

Have u guys meet my cute little cousin??

His trying to wear my extra huge jacket! XD

After he manage to wears.. he felt like he was some super hero with a cool looking jacket! XD

These pictures are taken from our way home from kampung..

We found some extremely cute stray dogs..

And they are extremely friendly!! And kinda smart too!

This is the best shot i got for the cutest among the two dogs. XP

This shows that how friendly is my sister. X)

My brother is very friendly to any kind of dogs as well..

And of course.. not to forget me!!

For some reasons.. i kinda like this picture. XD

Thats all~ hope ur CNYsss are better than mine.. XP

Mid-term is coming! D8