Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Little bit of Changes

I dunno why.. mayb its just me or theres a little bit of changes my side here..

Im not really talking about the kampung environment or relative or anything. There are some changes but i dont really bother la.. XP

What or should i say who is really changing is my brother. Yeap, my elder brother..

I dunno issit just me, or thats his true self or he changed.. X(

His been humiliating me around. Like telling my relative how stupid i am to not remember how to call every single of my relatives, calling a geek cause i keep on doing my assignments infront of my cousins and say that im just acting, calling me stupid loudly infront of my cousin cause i've done something wrong.

Long story short, his treating me badder..

Its like the old him, the way he treat me now is how he treat me when i was standart 1 to form 3. (you wont want to knw how bad he treat me that time)

Or mayb this whole thing is just because im a little bit too sensative.. ~.~

Or mayb thats the way he is! D8

Oh well.. people change.. nothing i can do about it. XP

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