Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saturday at College

Its saturday morning and i have to wake up at 6.45am just to go to college. Not to say that i dont like to go to college.. but i just dont like going to college at saturday! Whats the most screwed up part is that i go there just for a 1hr30mins class only.. D8 but its Ms Annie.. so it not that screwed up anyways.. XP

I brought Tervis to campus cause its time to trade it back for YUI Tan! Gosh.. i missed YUI Tan alot seriously..

Monday is going to be some IE quiz! D8 15% for the whole sem is freaking alot!! I hope Ms.Annie wont give us really really hard questions.. X{

After IE, i promise Cai Hong to belanja him snooker (he help me out with my calculus homework) so we had breakfast, Peter joined along! XD While we we're in mamak, peter asked me to play a little music with the guitar.. i played and then i asked him to played as well!

And damm Peter is really really good. (no im serious.. his good) For what he said, he said that he has a korean church band.. I find it extremely cool.. I dont even have a band! He said i played better than him, but i think his saying that just to make me feel better.. XD

We stayed at mamak watching TV3 "the Mummy" (in cartoon). Cai Hong, was like saying " waloa, damm drama wei.." XD and Peter was like "WOW!! Watching this also makes me excited". Such intresting friends i have.. XD

After to campus, i have to wait for Hevind to trade back our guitars.. so i stayed around the corridoors with Peter and Cai Hong and played a little bit of music..

Not long later, Mr Joel pass by and got hooked up with my guitar.. I asked him to play a little bit and then.. i witness a guitar pro right infront of me that day..

Mr Joel's guitaring skills are mad wei! Although i dont know what song is he playing (it fast oldies songs) but from the speed of his plucking skills and struming half the time.. wow.. seriously pro..

After Mr Joel left, Peter and Cai Hong have to leave for class too and i stayed there alone playing Tervis half the time and playing Crisis Core another half the time. XP

Stayed around until Cai Hong's class ended and we go and shoot some pools.. turns out the uncle incharge of the DSA (the fun spot in HELP) is going to leave and we cannot change for coins already.. but we do found some people playing ping-pong..

Spotted my X-KRS senior, Hong Chun. X)

And i also spotted Mr Joel playing a little bit of Ping-Pong! D8 and i have to say his pretty good.. XP

Saw that speed of reaction!? XD

After that Cai Hong have another class and so he cannot play snooker anymore.. then i head back to the corridoors and waited for Marie (since she promise me to play pool together that day as well) then i found some of my friends around the area, so i started acting like a doofus and play guitar around the corner with them.

Turns out im the only song singing the songs around there.. its either they are shy, or they think that im just really retarded and dun wanna join along or they are not singing out loud material type of person.. dammit..

Hevind came around the neighbourhood after that and we swap back our guitar! Its nice to have the small and light YUI Tan back in my hands.. XP

When back to DSA and found Marie playing snooker already!

There she is! 8D

We played some never ending snooker game.. since all of us are such a noob we everything when the ball is about to enter the hole, we put our hands there to drag time longer.. i guess thats how i will be practising our snooker skills. XD

Marie promise me too to let me take her original picture.. (she promise) but still she made another excuse again and again.. curi-curi taking her picture wasnt easy.. XP

*snap* ah! Aiya..

*snap* ah! Dammit..

*snap* Yes, but its a little bit blur.. You know what? I give up!

Bump into Trish.. XP

Jason was there as well.. and i just found out that he doesnt really know how to play pool.. so Marie decided to teach him a little bit..

Tengok someone buat macam yes.. XD

Poor Jason, must he hard for him to learn pooling.. XD

That night.. when to 1U and played a little arcade with my brother.. usually i will just play a few rounds of Para-Para Dance and shoot some basketball hoops. But that night i found some this new guitar aracade game.. extremely cool! XD It something like guitar hero! and you can mix with the drum set right beside of it! 8D

Freaking cool arcade game! XD

Friday night i had a great conversation talked with an old friend.. felt much better.. X)