Monday, February 22, 2010

Suprising Awkward Day

Every chinese new year my mom always bring us to her friend's open house .. we started going there like since i was a little boy. But until one period of time we stop going.. i dont really rmber why.. o.O Then this year we went back there again..

I thought i going to be some boring open house where theres no one around.. but then.. the turns out pretty suprising.. listen to my story..

The first thing i enter the house.. i saw this guy's hair style extremely familiar.. when i saw that he wears specs.. things started to even suprising.. when he turn his head i was like OMG!! D8 He is a friend of mine! So to comfirm things i went..

Klex: Abel?? its that you!? D8

Abel: huh?? HUH!? You!?

Klex + Abel: What are you doing here!?

Yes, Abel is a very good friend of mine in Mr.Raiq's tuiton. (my chemistry and physics tuition) The suprising thing is that he was the son of the person who had the open house! We I didnt know that we are we know each other ever since we were young! D8 Suprising? That really gave me some shock!

We started chilling around his house talking about lifes and stuffs.. then theres this girl looks on the other side of my table extremely familiar.. I was like staring at her and shes like staring at me. She some how looks extremely familiar.. as in EXTREMELY!! When i saw her talking to Abel i went and join along the conversation. It turns out shes a girl from Taman SEA and she is a cousin of Abel! D8

Theory proven.. This is world is a freaking small world! XD

The middle on is Abel and the other two girls is his friends.
The one of the right is his neigbour.

Abel's neighbor wanted him to bring her home. (yes is a 'she'.. fuh fuh fuh Abel.. XD) Since i was bored i join him along and walk his neighbor home. The was like a short journey for me (since im a walking person). Its kinda awkward cause she a stranger to me and im walking a stanger back to her a house..

When i reach her house.. there a lots of 'ang mos' around. I have to admit.. i was kinda nervous with all this non-asian people around. But then.. it turns out they are super duper friendly. One by one started shaking hands with us and introducting themself!

There are lots of them and ALL of them are friendly.

They are watching this movie called 'Taxi'.
A pretty old movie but it is one good ass movie. XD

All of them started to talk about me. And like normal college thing, i introduce myself as Klex. XP they said its a very cool name! 8D (all thanks to my brother for banging this name for me). Whats suprising is that they thought i am a person who studied overseas before. Why? They said i have american accent! 8D (looks like watching lots of other countries movies finally paid off!) XD

These are two of the lovely ladies who talked to me that night. I feel kinda bad for not remembering their names.. XP

Then they started giving me ang pao! It was kinda awkward again since i just know them are like 10~15 minutes and they give me ang paos. XD

After that back to Abel's house, talked a little bit. Another suprising thing about Abel is that he actually knows JinHwei. And both of them are really close.. wow.. I never heard of JinHwei mention about him before! XD

Then i have to go home early. We have to pray to the sky that night. X) And i have to study for my calculus exam which is the next day.

I have to say.. I have a really great time there! 8)

Jasper was alone and bored at home that whole night. XD

After praying i studied a little bit of my Calculus and fall asleep..

Nothing to related to this blog post story. Its just a picture which i find it nice.. XD

PSP is mine, CD is Vania's. XP

Btw, calculus is over!! Next is Study Skills and Computer Principle. Lagi cham.. D8