Thursday, February 4, 2010

HELP, Lectures and Friends!

After one long week of taking pictures begging people to take their photos, sneaking around being weird taking the environment of my campus, stealing unfindable pictures from the internet and friends.. its finally done! XD So...Okay, its time to show you around my campus AKA Help University College! *claps~cheers~music~*

Its show time!

HELP University College is like an underground base.. Its like we are some secret ninjas.. hehehe.. XD (FYI, this is where the main campus is thus, only foundation and degree students study here. XP)

Yeap, the security here is pretty tight as well.. there securities on every single exit/entrance! 8D Complete safe~ (i think..)

Ahhh~ now it doesnt look like an undergroud base anymore right? its super cool down here although there are no cellphone lines la.. But thats the way to keep busy with our handphones. XP

The class corridoors in HELP. And classes are like just opposite each other~ Convenient leh? XP

Here is like the middle of class and fun! XD Hey where we can find people usually hang out for chit chatting. XP

Was trying to get Ms.Annie's picture and wow shes fast.. XD

This is how it looks outside the washroom. Yes, got table here so you can study and go to the washroom if theres emergency! XD

Our favourite place of all.. The computer lab AKA Learning Space. XP

Heres how we look like when we are in the learning space.. (lecture is inside btw..XP)

Ahhh.. The one and only wi-fi corridoor. Heres where all the laptops and every other FUN stuffs will be.. its like a hang out as well. XP

The prove that we have wi-fi connection here! XP

Alright enough with the touring around the campus thingy, now lets look at my great, hot, cool, handsome, sexy lecturers that I've been talking about all along.. *jeng jeng jeng!*

Before i start, i have to apologize to my lecturers (if they are reading these). Im sorry that he begged you all so that i could take your pictures and also i stole your pictures from here and there.. My apologies.. If you really dont like it i can remove this section immediately.. No sweat and No problem. X) Btw, im not doing this forthe grades or anything. Im doing thing willingly. XP

Enough talking now, lets get on with it! XD

Heres the cool and handsome looking Mr.Siva. My computer principle lecturer! His mustache is really really sexy.. XP Plus, his computer knowledge is like beyong god like.. *snap snap* and there you go, all the answers and infomation that you need. Thus, his a very funny lecturer as well. X)

Next is Mr. Joel. Another sexy, handsome and funny lecturer. My calculus lecturer. (in the future to be my engineering maths teacher i hope.. XP) A pure math genius lecturer and his way to teaching is simple and easy to understand, simply awesome.. (so not like my high school add-maths teacher) Btw, his the lecturer who taught me the word 'cocksure'. More importantly, his a guitarist! 8D

I never knew that he was a great guitarist until orientation night.. wow... He has something like a lecturer band called.. 'Out of Tune.' XD (btw, Ms.Annie was the singer of the band. XP)

Thats all for the male lectures, now on with the female lectures.

Mrs.Annie, my English Lecturer. Yes, the lecturer that i've been mention before which has a very very beutiful voice (not to mention beutiful smile as well. XP) From this picture you can already see that shes a singer type lecturer. (no she doesnt sing in class) Her class never bores me especially Wednesday class where she brings up interesting activities to help us learn as well. Heres an example..

She made a slide about Taylor Lautner (the werevolve in twilight) to let us make tenses related to him. Very interesting activity. (and yes shes a Taylor Lautner fan!) She can be really strict sometimes but thats the best way to help us to improve. XP Overall a great lecturer! X)

Next, Mrs Selena, my study skills lecturer. Yes, the really hot lecturer which i also mention before in my blog. A very very very smart lecturee. Why? Shes the only HELP student ever in history that gets 11High Distinction! 8D Prove here it is..

I got this from the HELP's school magazine.. and right on the first page.. this is what i got.. HELP's Hall of Fame.. Thats one Awesome lecturer.. Her activities in class also never bores me..

Some of her slides are intresting and very funny as well. But but but, when it comes to work.. she can be very strict as well.. Thats the style of an 11HD student. XD

Long Story Short, i am extremely lucky to have great lectures with me this semester. Too bad its only for this semester.. X(

Now, on with my friends in HElP!! *yay~*

Benjamin and Vania, my friends from high school. X)

Peter Sun Sueng Wook, my korean buddy! XD

Cai Hong, my calculus geniused friend. XD

Marie, at first i though she was Cai Hong's sister.. but shes not! XD

KaiBoon, my rider friend. XD His also a ninja camera!

Oooo.. Some one is shy.. XP

Hevind my guitar mate! AKA Tervis's owner. XP

Alex, a very friendly guy! X)

WanZhan, my computer principle mate! X)

Samanta, our HMC president.. woohoo~ XD

Stefanie, very young looking girl! XD

Chun Weng, an old primary school friend. XD

*dodges* aiya too fast..

Dex Shan, a very funny micheal jackson friend. XD

Sien Dee my long lost temple friend. XD

Zhong Wei, the silent genius.. XD

*dodges* HuiShan, my bus mate! XD (trust me shes not camera shy)

Jason Ng, a funny guitar mate! XP

Sex Kieng, super cool dude..

Keong, another funny and friendly fella~ X)

Yi Lin, a shy and very friendly girl. X)

Shiau Ling, extremely friendly girl. Need to talk? find her! XD

Juan Di, the guy who tries to remember my REAL name. XP

Benjamin Chia, my SUN!! XD

Trish AKA the Awesome.. XD

Ashman, a calculus class friend.

*dodge* aiya dun run away la..

Gotcha! Elaine, Rachel's not so mysterious cousin. XD

*snap* failed..

*snap* failed.. argh stop Shiau Ling!

I give up, this the best i can get. Hian Woong and very nice dude.. XD

Kriss, my music club mate. X)

Nicole, she can really sing.. X) Huge FF9 fan. XP

Well thats all i've got here.. i have actually a whole lot more of friends.. but is either they dont let me take their picture or they ask me to take it from fb. (the problem is they didnt even add me!)

Heres some random pictures that i took..

Trish, Dex and Cai Hong. For some reason.. they look seriously gay.. XD

Meet my Calculus class.. super quite group.. but..

My english class super funny and noisy group! XD

Never seen calculus before?? Meet calculus.. D8

Thats the end of everything then! X)

So to those of you who still havent decide which college to go.. i suggest HELP University College! Its a very nice place to study and the environment its extremely cool! XP (it gets really cold sometimes here but it really depends on where u sit in class. XD)

Thank you for reading and watching!!

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