Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Day to Remember

Im kinda lazy to put colours.. XP So bear with black and white la. XD

24 February 2010. Its a very special day to remember.. listen to my story..

I reach campus excitedly cause KaiBoon said his going to give me my present that day. Then i was freaking suprising when he gave a present that is even bigger than my school bag!! It turns out to be a guitar! 8D

That was also the last day of our mid-sem exams.. everyone was nervous. Not for study skills but for computer principle cause CP is always harder than any normal exams. XD So me and my friends went to the library and study.. well not much of the study but.. yeah, study. XD

The library is not half bad there..

Nick with the awesome hat on him was looking for a seat in the library..

And he found his spot..

Caught Hevind, Shaun, Cai Hong and Harmika not studying. XD

look at how serious Saiful is in his studies. XD

Ivan was happy cause after this, is like FREEDOM! XD

Like i said, we did not much of a study.. but studied. XD

The library in Wisma Help is pretty cool but the librarians are like very irratating.. whenever we start a conversation he will start calling us to keep quiet. Sheesh.. its get okay at first.. but later it gets very irratating.. Whats worst is that they dont let us take another extra chair and sit with our friends. Share chair also cannot! D8 Siao.. Wisma Help's librarians are ust soo noooozy..

Continue on with the pictures..

Corliss caught me curi-curi taking picture of her.

She takes Candy's phone but dunno how to unlock it.

She founds it! *grims* and then..

*snaps* yeah, she took a photo of me. XP

People, meet Esther! X)

Everyone is afraid of Computer Principle exams.. cause its like super hard and its like more of memorising computer stuffs.. thus, most of us are like last minute cramming. XD

Candy playing her phone..

Then she tries to study..

Then she curi-curi plays her phone again.. XD

Saiful is just flipping the pages.. XD

Ming Yi (Max) is just slacking around..

Ivan having a hard time memorising..

Nick looks more like listening to music than studying to me. XP

Everyone is trying really hard to study there..

Some extra picture of friends with the awesome hat! Everyone just love taking pictures with the awesome hat.. XD All thanks to Hian Woon (Henry) for bringing it. XP

Esther with the awesome hat..

Candy with the awesome hat..

Max with the awesome hat..

HanHan covering her face with the awesome hat..

Ahad (Sunday) with the awesome hat..

Meet Max's iphone.. XD

Then all of us head to the exam hall and get prepare.. 1 and a half hours in the exams hall.. after that.. when me and saiful came out.. both of us are like.. SHIT ITS EASY!!! 8D Yeap, i find CP exams pretty easy.. hope i can get good grade with it. X)

After that we celebrate Nick's B'day with a little high school tradition, b'day bash.. *grims*

Everyone started grabbing his hands and leg..

After awhile he starts becoming heavy.. so they let him go..

Before letting him go.. whack him a few times first.. XD

We are all planning to go Midvalley and celebrate.. so Corliss, Candy, Esther, Ysabelle, Fiona and few more girl went to Midvalley first.. and the other of us leave behide and give nick a suprise attack.. XD

We called Nick up to the car park in wisma help and then.. we take out flours and start attacking him.. XP

BAM!!! the results of sudden attack..

Then he shows the 'international hand' sign to everyone for flouring him.

Showing us the international hand sign was a bad idea.. so we attack him again! XD

Even his butt got floured.. XD

Then he starts hunting poeple down for revenge..

Everyone begin to run away.. we are basicly playing catching there.. XD

After attacking Nick, then all then suggested to attack me cause it was my a day before my b'day.. D8 Then, the catching starts again..

After running around wisma, all of us got tired..

Han Han did a great job running away.. XD

Me and Flours.. front view..

And the back view.. flour plus sweats.. yuck!!

Look at the mess that we did.. XD

My bag plus flour.. XD

We washed up and change our cloths. Thanks Alex for lending me his shirt.. XP Then we waited for the shutter bus to take us back to Main Campus..

We sang b'day song to Nick in the bus! XD
Everyone kinda supported him as well. XD

We reached Main Campus and loaf around there when some of us are getting prepare to go Mid Valley..

You cant really see who is who.. even i cant!! XD
Go facebook check la if u want. XD

There was a huge empty space in campus, so some of them started break dancing..

Marsh was like the genius break dancing..

Faris was pretty good as well! XD

Henry tried.. but failed.. XD

Nick was like just staring at the pros.. XD

After everyone got prepared... We begin our journey to MidValley. I was in Max's car with Alex, Marsh and Shun Zhi. XP We reach there pretty early.. but not as early as the girls la.. XD

Going all the way up to find everyone..

Some of them was at the food court! XD Some of them are new friends. XP

Another few of them are at sushi king. XD

Look at the amount of food they ate.. XD

Corliss is trying really hard to get out but Fiona is block her.

In the end she gave up.. XD Proves that Corliss is harmless. X)

All of them running to the cinema cause they cant wait to watch the movie..
YAY! Valentines Day! XD

Without Alex we cant go in the cinema. XD

Everyone with the tickets.. Nice picture.. X)

We went in the cinema and we watched..

Yaaa! XD Valentine's Day!

And of course my real aim of watching this movie is definately because of Taylor Swift!! XD

I find this scene extremely cute.. XP

Taylor Swift was like just a side character.. not much scenes of her. And most of her scenes is with the werewolf..

Overall its a very very nice movie. Prefect movie for couples. You actually learn something in the movie.. XD

Then after movie some of us have to leave.. then the other head to the arcade a played a little bit there.. XP Typically thing of me, i will go and para-para dance revolution. XD

We looks like we are doing some gangster meeting there. XD

We found this dude, who broke the basketball video game record. D8
Freaking pro and awesome.

After that we all got hungry again.. so head to chilis to had dinner and also celebrate Nick's b'day. XP

Here we are, waiting for our seats. XP

We got our table and begin ordering..

The poeple on my right..

and the people on my left.

The B'day boy of the day! X)

Saiful was being real gay that night.. he was like flirting with the indian waitress by calling him handsome all the time. Geesshh.. XD Then, had a few special photo shots. XP

It was my idea to do this.. People with their cinema seats. X)

Our student IDss to prove that we are HELP students.

This is one normal sweet corn..

This is a sweet corn who got killed.. XD

and this is a sweet corn which just rotten. XD

You should look at the reaction that Saiful did when he chop and pierce the sweet corn. XD Candy was kinda scared with the reaction that he did. o.O

Then the ice-cream brownie cake came, Nick and I have to stand on the chair and do stupid things. Well it was Nick only.. nothing to do with me.. XD

Candy feeding Nick the cake.. awwww...

We made a total messss...

Then, Nick and Alex bought some 'drinks' to get themselve wasted. XD After that, all of us get our from Midvalley and just chill around there..

Points to the sky~ X)

Both of them cheers before they get wasted.. XD

Esther took a sip..

Candy took another sip..

Max is just loafing around acting cool.. XD
This pic reminds me of death note.. XP

They are actually looking at some fountain thing. XD

Then we begin loafing around the grass area.. X)

Candy got kinda sleepy..

Since everyone was tired.. we decided to go home.. thus its getting really late.. So everyone split up in our own ways.. head to our cars and finally head home..

The final picture of that day!!
Freaking cool picture!! Especially Alex's action. XD

It was first 3 hours with them.
Then it became 6 hours...
That day.. it was 12 hours plus.

I had a great.. its actaully our first outing all together..

This day was deserve to be remember..

You guys are the best~ X)