Sunday, February 21, 2010

Justin CNY Parteh!!

Remember i told u guys that after my assignment night i went to Justin's house right away for CNY party? XP here are the stories and photos about it! X)

Introducing the host of the party. Justin Lee! XD

And introducting the host's little brother, Jason!!
Looks like he was caught watching something badddd.. hor.. XD

Had dinner over there.. like usual the food are delicous.. XD
No turkey this time.. XP

Meet some old high school friends. X)

Group picture~!! X)

Meet an old friend who went for NS. MunPing!!! 8D

Then all of us went upstair and play a little bit of cars, what does that mean?? Gambling!! Okay not 'we' its 'them' im not a gambling type of person.. XP

If im a police, they be dead.. XD

Victor: Whack kao zhat you one ah!? XD

While they were gambling I took some photos with Vanessa and Yanleng. X)

Nice.. I like! XD

Something happened but i just dun remember.. XD

*snap* failed!! XD Yanleng looks nice in this pic. XP

If ZhenWhei is lucky.. he will become some modal! D8

Gamble until sien already.. XD

There were more food downstair.. head back down for round two! XD

Nyammmm.. XD Seriously the food shit ass good!
So good that its worth eating twice! XD

Then we try taking the BISDS's 4 tallies again!! But now we are trying get more tallies to join us! XP

Victor was the new choosen one..
SweePie is just there to buat macam yes only..
and MunPing was doing something ridiculously stupid! XD

The new BISDS tallies! XD
Yes, yes im the shortest among all five..

Head back up to have more fun~ X)

Seriosuly, i dont know what was i doing.. ignore me plss.. XP

MunPing and Bryan!? D8 I knew it!!!

Me and Bryan raping MunPing.. XD

MunPing for revenge soo.. it turns out im the one who got rape in the end. D8
Dont worry.. im alive and nothing dirty happened! XD

Overall.. all of us have FUN!!

All thanks to Justin and MunPing for entertain us big time. X)

Im lucky to have friends like them.. Very lucky.. X)