Monday, February 1, 2010

Persona's Persona

Ask u all know that i've been playing Persona 3 FES on PSP. All thanks to BBS for coming out sooo freaking inprefect!! I have to play this turn base RPG game..

Persona is actually a very very nice game.. What really attarcts ppl playing the game is the persona that u can make and become. More importantly how cool can the persona become! XD But they say the ugliest looking persona is the strongest persona in the game. So, we're farked.. X(

Heres what i think about Persona 3 FES.

The main guy character looks cool and they way the summon their personas are definately the main attraction of persona 3. But.. the main character's main persona is just too damm ugly..

Yeap, the white thing behide is his first persona/main persona. Ugly.

This is what u well get late game.. slighty better but still ugly..

The whole game dont really have cool looking personas.. all ugly like shit.. But like they said, the strongest persona is the ugliest persona.. damm..

But i've seen Tarvin played Persona 4 before and i have to say..

The main character is okay, the way they summon is very normal but the main character's persona is farking cool! 8D

yeap, the big cool dark looking samurai armor like persona is his main persona.

Its has a very cool name as well!! Izanagi.. Waaa... XD

Sumurai personas are my kind of thing! XD

Seriously i hope that i can use this persona like forever!!

Okay, im really getting into a game-my mood and i really have no mood to study.. but i really wanan go back to college! Stay at home really bores me..

I pity KCY and WeiSoong, they have to face this boring days until march.. seriously i pity them..

Please. BBS can u come out soon! Im not the only one waiting for u!