Sunday, January 31, 2010

Guitar Teacher, ME

Yeap, that the real HIT thing recently.. XP Im becoming a guitar teacher.. NOT an offical one.. and also not a very good one. I dun get paid doing that.. but I GET GOOD KARMA! XD

Aftering taking one special student as my guitar student. (she actually come and ask me all in a sudden) Suddenly, there are tons of people wanna learn guitar from me! And all are from sunday school temple. (high school no one sees my hidden guitar skills before and so it college friends. XD)

So far i already got 5 students. I guess thats waay more than enuf already.. especailly for a noob guitarist like me. So i guess these unlucky 5 are going to taste my wrath for a few months before they actually become good. XD Btw, im just going to teach them strumming nothing else.. XP

Nothing much happend.. oh wait..

Im back on youtube again! Hope you guys can support me and watch my video. I started posting my faces and very retarded voice inside already.. so have fun listening!


I'll upload my colloge pictures soo.. it really takes time. XP