Monday, January 25, 2010

David Choi

I very very in love with this song called [Hey Soul Sister] and yes i did mention before but im going to say it again.

There are tons of famous youtube singers and one of them is the freaking famous david choi. (an asian american. XD) and for a guy he has a very very amazing voice and he even got youtube's certificate. 8D yeah, that just proves how good his voice is..

Okay abt the [Hey Soul Sister], he too made a cover of that song and I find it waaay nicer than the original (although is shorter) here check it out..

I will never get bored of his videos. One is cause of his musics that makes u wanna nice sooo much and second, the many faces of him making different face reaction enterntaining u. XD

Go find him on youtube he has tons of extremely nice song covers. XP

I finish 'Mana Khemia' now im playing 'Person 3 Fes' on PSP but its japanese. X( Big deal im still going to play it. (im already start just right at the begining of the game. XD)

Assignments, homework and mama's nagging. Can i get any better?