Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just some Updates..

Screw BBS la.. the complete patch is still not out yet and people around the world have already the game 3 time!! D8 Please.. I hope that i come out really soon.

Although BBS is not out but still im hang out with my psp alot. XP Well i've been playing a new game called 'Mana Khemia'. Actually its a freaking old game. (even the part 2 of the game is out) but i dun care, its still a good game to me. XP

Its says there PS2 but they have a convert version on psp as well. XP

Its basicly something like final fantasy game.. Its a taking turn game.. Your turn to whack me, My turn to whack those kind of game. The level system is exactly like FF10. Yeap, the chart of shits.. Tough lvling game.. sheesh.. But this game, during battle phrase u get to swtich partner and create combos and gangbang. Thus, the skills of this game is pretty neat. XP

Of all the characters.. My favourite character is Anna!! The samurai girl!!

Shes the youngest among all character and she is a real killer. Killers are usually fast and deadly. Her character skills are like the coolest among all. Thus, a samurai blade? Fuh~ that just shows how strong she is. And and her voice is kinda cute.. yet sound strong as well. XP Overall great character~ XP

Enough with games.. Move along~

Im getting the hang on college life.. just that.. the work in college sucks.. Although i can slack more than i was in high school. But the homeworks are still a killer. Especially calculus.. The question that my lecture give around 60+ questions.. and all of them are add-maths. Such a killer.. sheesh..

Oh, i just spotted with SienDee in my college! 8D To those of you who dunno, shes a long lost sunday school friend that has been MIA for like 3 years. And now shes in my college taking foudations!! 8D Its nice see-ing her again.. X)

Today, i spend most of my time with Elaine (rachel's cousin), Ben (not the SMKTS one, the Catholik one.. XP) and also SeungWook (aka Peter). Loafing around campus doing nothing but chatting..

*YuMing lame-ness mode on!*

Yeah, i put all my lame-ness on them. (i think i was just to release pre-stress. XD) and i made all of them laugh their asses out.. so yeah! See im getting use to college life already. Thus, people around started talking to me since im started voice out. Cool! 8D

Today, ChaiHong and Dex knew my original name. Yeap, the YuMing name.. All thanks to the lecture for saying it out loud in the class while marking the attendance. (he usually call me klex but dunno why today YuMing) And for some reason they keep laughing. Maybe they think that its a little bit awkward since i have such a cool nickname band it a little different from my original name. o.O oh well.. so what? I am YuMing. XP

Suddenly im all IN to this song all 'Hey Soul Sister' Check this out..

Heard it before? Its a new song by Train. (i never knew such band exist.. XP) So, what do u think of the song?? o.O

I have a song for you guys out there. I believe most of you have already heard this song.. still im gonna share it with you all.. Its remix of all the most popular United State songs on 2009. Check it out..

Sounds awesome issint it? XD I got the song in my phone already.. XP

Im still doing good.. dont worry. X)