Sunday, January 24, 2010

A 13 years of Friendship..

A great friend who I face many experience together for 13 years is going to Australia for his study. That very old and great friend is John. X)

I first meet John was in sunday school when i was 5 years old.. all i knew that i was very very bad at making friends but john came up to me and talk to me when i fliping through my pokemon cards. XD From then we started being friends.. XD

Seriously, we face tons of experience together.. Its so freaking many that its not even enuf to fit yur ten fingers. Got chase by sunday school teachers, Skipping Puja, Chase by sunday school guard dog, being cafeteria and last and the most confict one.. Like the same girl at the same time. XD The past was great the future will be greater.. X)

Heres some picture for his surprising farwell. X)

Surprise John!! XD (plan sucess!! XP)

Qi Wei buat macam yes like that.. (my driver of that night! XD)

Oh its was a pool party.. XP

See Toh's jump versus the Ball's jump. XD

Best Jump post ever! XD

Bryan ACTING like the next buddha.. XD

Seriously.. this look like some korean/japanese drama series cover page. XD

Charmaine got thrown into the pool. XP

Candided.. XP

Had a quick and hilarious game.. XD

My one and only duet picture with John. X)

Yesterday which is also sunday, was his last day with us in sunday school. After that, fly all the way to Australia and meet the kangaroos! There are lots of tears dropping, hugs and backslapping.. Everyone was crying.. even John himself..

Its not that i dun wanna cry, is just that i cant cry out.. I wanted to cry sooo badly.. but the tears just cant drop out.. I guess it means i have to stay strong..

Dear John, I wish u all the best in Australia and I will never forget a good friend you are. X)

13 years of friendship was the longest i ever get in the life so far.. X)