Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Its a Small World!!

Remember i told you guys abt my progression making friends.. well.. it turns out im doing pretty well right now! XD I finally start making friends and im starting to be the 'YuMing' again!! XD The joy!!

You know.. never knew that my mom is extremely famous.. i told them about my mom helping me to get the scholarship and everything and then when they ask whose my mom. I told them 'Madam Yong' and some of them are like 'OMG!! Shes your mom!?' and whats really really weird is that they are not from assunta and they knew my mom.. wow..

Rachel told me that her cousin was in HELP as well.. and i have a hard time finding for this mysterious cousin of hers.. then i have this another sunday school friend who is in HELP as well. Her name is Elaine.. I knew her for 5 years from sunday school already.. and guess what? She turns out being Rachel's cousin sister!? D8 i never knew.. swear.. not even one bit!! and she know my mom as well.. but she just that she doesnt know shes my mom. XP

I have this friend where i knew him through study skills. His name is Kaiboon and his from catholik and he knows Suilun and SuTeng. Thats not a big deal.. the big deal is that his a Rider fan too!! 8D Yay!! XD Now i have another rider kaki.

Seriously.. its a freaking small world here.. XD

Of course i know some new friends as well.. I have a guy korean friend now!! 8D Peter is his nick name but his korean name is hard to spell and to name. XD Then i have another few new friends like JaiHong, WanZhan, Dex, Chris, ChunWeng, CheongHvey, XiaoLing and JianDi. So many friends in just one day.. XD Im getting good at this..

Im not anti-social.. Im just shy!! But when i have a friend or two.. i shall begin to be not shy anymore.. I will start acting more like a YuMing already.. XD

I got some new comments about having the new name 'Klex' some say its very cool and some say its very weird. So even think its a game character name. XD My lecture thinks that its my glamour name. (so its a good thing or bad?) anyways.. overall. ppl think that the name is special. (as in the nice way not weird way..)

Im just getting started with college life.. and this amount of friend is not enough.. (yes im very greedy when it comes to friends..) My brother said that in i should know everyone in my class by 3 weeks. Sounds hard and tough but its not impossible as long im in 'YuMing' mode.. XP

Heres where the college life FUN really begins..