Saturday, January 2, 2010

INITI College Here I come!!

Guess what? College is starting sooon!! I dunno how to put it this way.. 'I cant wait to start college' or 'Im scared to start college'. Its either way.. Sometimes.. I just wanna slack.. But guess its time to move along!!

Some of you might have known that im taking computer games development.. Guess what? I change my mind!! I decided to take engineering instead. Why the sudden change? I had this family talk with my brother and my mom abt the college thing.. after discussing for like 2 hours, i think that engineering will suit me more.. XP

Well, im going to INTI at the 5th.. i knw i told u guess the 4th but 4th is actually orientation day.. XP 5th im going to step into college life.. i hope that i can cope around with people and everything..

AUP is the foundation course that im taking.. guess what? After studying 2 years.. im going to American for my university!! D8 Yes.. im going to be the first person in my family to go overseas.. its cool but kinda scary..

I going to meet OBAMA!! XD And who knws.. maybe Taylor Swift.. XP (dream on!!)

2 years later is going to Obama!! not some Tunku! XD

If im really really lucky.. Im going to see her!! XD (i love her straight hair style.. XP)

Heres a tip that i read it in some 'How to Survive in College' book. So i decided to share this one with to those of you who dont want to suffer..

Its either you be the farking smart one?? Or you leech the farking smart one!!

(no they say the f-word in it..)

Whose going INTI?? All i know is Aaron from Cempak is taking the same subjects like me.. XP I hope someone is going to the collge near me like Taylor's which is just beside me.. XP etc.. etc..

Good luck to everyone in college and hope to see you all again.. X)

INTI Subang Jaya College and Computer Engineering here I come!! XD

(The price of this subject im taking is a pain..)