Wednesday, January 27, 2010

HELP Music Club

Wake up in the morning feeling like die-ing... XD

A little change lyrics from [Tik- Tok]. XP

SOOOO Yeah, hows everyone doing? Im doing real fine.. and i have a question to those of you who are in college life. What clubs do you people join?? o.O

Its seems that everyone is doing great in college.. I receive results through asking and blog reading. XP So enjoy people!!

Today was the first meeting of Help's music club and I am offically a member of the club. XD We had a little bit of ice breaking with the members and the committees. The committees are great and really really funny. I think they are more to a chinese educated people. O.o that shoudnt be a problem for me. XP

When i introduce myself i said that i think im a singer and im a half player guitarist. Then, they wanna know i can sing anot so they asked me to sing. (of all people sing) so, i sang my sure win song which is 'Gemilang' XP I dun really know the results but all i knw is i got appaulse. XP

After Music Club meeting, i meet with this girl called Nicole. Its not the first that we meet actually, we meet and talked with each other once at the wi-fi corridoors. And i can tell shes a huge fan of FF9 (of all ffs why ff9 la.) then we started talking. She was also part of the music club as well and shes also a new member. She was called to sing as well, and oh boy she can sing. XP

Nowadays, i find my english lecture (Ms.Annie) kinda hot.. well.. she has a very very sweet voice actually. I didnt really notice her voice last time.. but now.. she actually has a sexy voice. XP And her looks are actually not bad.. XP She can be really really friendly when you are active and friendly to her as well in class. X)

NO people im NOT falling in love with my lectures..

Tomorrow bringing YUI Tan to campus for fun.. Manggo (a new friend) promise to bring his as well. XD yay!