Thursday, January 28, 2010

Won't Even Start

I found an original song made by the famous David Choi. And through watching the offical video that he made (which is freaking incredible) i got addicted to the song. The song is really really nice.. You all should see!

Its a nice song a very sad video.. Very touching for some reason. (mayb is cause im used to looking at girls crying.) XP

Yes, he does look very sleepy (everytime..) but for a guy he has a very very nice voice. Thus, there are more original song that he made but this one is the best and touching one i've heard so far. XP

Back to College Life..

Today, i brought YUI Tan to my college. Mr.Siva took a quick look at YUI Tan during computer principle class. XD I have my reasons bring guitar to college. Dex, Havin and Cai Hong wanted to play guitar along. So yeah..

Wow, someone actually like my guitar more than his prefect and original guitar. D8 he wants to trade YUI Tan for 5 days. (until tuesday) I have a hard time thinking.. but since he gave a very reasonable offer. So i think i shud just trade. (its just for 5 days anyways..)

So yeah, now im lying beside me is Tervis (i gave that guitar that name. XP) And YUI Tan is problally at Havin's house having fun with him. Honestly i miss YUI Tan already..