Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Thats the word that my calculus lecture tought us today.. I didnt really absorb the calculus that much but this word is a sure stay in my mind. XD

There was a really really tough questions on the board. We can answer but all of us have different answer and my lecture keep on asking..

'You Sure? You Sure? You Sure?'.

Those line just enough for us to change our mind from yes to no and no to yes. XD Then no one have the guts to answer any more. Then me and my friends keep saying 'Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!" My teacher got kinda annoyed that no one is giving him a second answer.. He sudden just said..


He didnt say it in a harsh way.. in face he said it in a very very funny way. XD Then all of us started laughing. He said that the word that he said is not swearing. (yeah right) he said we can go check the dictionary for prove. The words are sticking to each other.. If its not then its just some other people.

Lots of LOL.

After he said 'cocksure' all of us started using the word during his whole lesson! XD New word learned.. XP

Back to Persona 3 FES. The game is not as hard as it sounds actually..