Friday, January 8, 2010


Early in the morning.. i woke up at 8am althought my class starts at 11am but im still waking up at 8am. I have my reason which is i wanna learn how to take the bus all the way there.. some of the seniors there said that there is a bus from tropicana city to Damasara High.

I was about to leave the room and go set up my hair then my brother just came back home. (god knws where he go last night..) Then, he asked me whether i wanna try to drive all the way to college or not. Like DUH!! Grab the keys and hop into the car!!

Havent been driving for like 2months and i still havent really lose my touch.. ahhh.. is hard to get praise in driving when its my brother teaching.. (ask my sister, she knws how he comments) And guess what? My brother said my driving skills are better than my sister!! 8D Ahhhh~ Love the praising..

It was raining cats and dogs today.. im all soaked when i reached campus.. (i cant really park the car inside the campus cause it will be hard for my broter) I reach to campus.. then the first thing i do was breakfast.. (nvr at breakfast at home so far..) McD was my first choice.. after eating off to the computer lab and try to login..

While trying.. I heard a girl calling me.. Not by Klex so means its a friend which i knew.. Then i turn around.. Ah!! Vania!! XD Kinda happy to see her.. XP Then we chat and tried to login to our coms.. turns out its not that hard at all! XD I meet some of her friends too.. and not to forget Benjamin..

I got 1hr of extra time.. so i spend my time facebook-ing and i was sooo bored.. I chatted with my brother at home!! XD And with LenPing as well.. Sooner.. i have to leave for classs.. Time really flies when yur having fun~ XD

My first calculus class.. i actually missed 2 lesson but still i catch on quick.. I always wonder.. Calculus is addmaths!? Fark ady la.. well guess what? Today.. i spend 1.30hr learning abt gradient.. yes gradient.. which is mod-maths!! Next chapter? Functions.. argh.. i hope its this easy forever! XD Basicly Calculus.. i have fun.. and the lecture was great.. nice guy!! X)

After the class.. while i was walking around the corridoors.. i heard someone one shouted "OMG, YuMing!?" and for that second i was thinking.. Wow.. 3rd day and im already that famous!? XD (no seriously.. thats what i was thinking..) But they are calling me YuMing so that means they have already knew me.. and they dont really sound like Vania.. then i turn around it was ChowErn and Erina.. god.. such a small world.. now i know more ppl in HELP!! Exciting..

Took bus all the way back to tropicana city.. then i just found out that YTL and HoeChong are working part time there! 8D Well different store of course.. then a little bit of para-para dance in the arcade room.. the run back home..

overall.. good day.. and im not going to sleep tonight!! why??

Birth By Sleeping is coming out!! 8D Yay!! XD