Sunday, January 10, 2010

Birth By Sleep OUT but not Complete

Yes and Yes. BBS is out and i very excited about it. (i dont sound like one now..) why am i not so excited about it? Well.. heres the thing..

Birth By Sleep is done and the game is available for download.. but but but there is one thing. The game is entirely strong. They need a new patch to hack the psp only it can play that particular game. So all i have to do is just download the game and patch. That shouldnt be a problem but the problem is the patch is not even done!!

Thus, the second thing that bothers me is that my brother doesnt want the psp to get so freaking complicated.. So he wants to wait for Hako to deliver the complete download game. Which means i will have to wait again.. problally in another 1 or 2 days.. (i dont want to wait anymore longer than that!!)

I actually know the whole story of BBS already since i was damm tempted to watch the secret ending of BBS. Yes, someone actually finished the game already.. dammit!! (thats the good part of being japanese..) and i promise not to spoiled the whole story to those ppl who really really want to knw the ending and everything. (I can tell u guys if u wanna know.. XD)

I havent even play the game yet so i cant really comment abt the gameplay and the system and everything but.. since i know most of the story line and the ending i have to say.. NOMURA is a farking genius bastard.. the whole story is waaaaaay twisted and it wasnt what i expected it to be..

This just makes me want to play the whole game soooo badly!! Grrrr....

Anyways heres a video intro when you start playing BBS. Its a freaking nice video with freaking nice graphics.. And Utada Hikaru is singering 'Hikari' aka 'Simple and Clean' again but they said that 'Hikari' had change some lyrics.. Anyways.. just enjoy!!

I hope Hako and faster set up the game prefectly.. im freaking bored with a PSP with has no games in it!! argh!!!!