Monday, January 4, 2010

I guess INTI is not the best Idea..

I guess.. INTI is not the best idea to go to.. well.. today was like sorta the day one of INTI college.. wait.. no.. Its orientation day.. Pretty much like a seminar kind of thing..

AUP Engineering standard is HIGH and very very hight.. thus its extremely expensive! Although i can get schoolarship fo 20% discount off but still.. overall.. including going to america it all cost around 240,000. thats alot of money.. which is a royal pain in the wallet.

Okay, every college fees will always be a royal pain.. the more expensive it is.. the more good it is.. the more good it is.. the more harder it is to study it. As u all knw that im not the kind of study person. Thus, INTI really really scares.. Especially the AUP course. I dun think i manage it well.. i will face tons of preassure.. I knw that engineering course are always preassuring but AUP is just waaay out of my league.

Okay.. wtv it is.. Im still going to take Engineering no matter what!! Thats like my aim and my future.. cause i wanna kick my brother's ass when i grown up and earn more money than him. Thus, i wanna be the most successful among 3 of us.. Last i wanna make my family proud.. XP

So.. INTI is out.. and im lazy to go around and find for colleges.. SO this time i let my mom to decided.. and this time.. i have to agree.. she did made my very very wise choice.

Im most problally going to HELP University in Damansara U. And yes.. i knw a few person studying there such as WeiGin. XP But thats not the main reason i go there.. My mom can help me to get scholarship and save up to 80,000+ if i go to HELP Uni. Thus, i think i will have lesser preassure there. XP

If you think that im going for HELP is to just look for friends.. well think again.. In INTI i can actually meet more friends.. Aaron, Angela and ZhenRong is going to AUP INTI too. Thus, Taylor is just right beside us, so i can meet ShuMei, ShuXian and mayb WeiSoong. Then, in Sunway i can meet Bryan and Yuenhee. In SEGI i can meet Suelyn. I can actually meet more friends in INTI subang.. So i go HELP is not for friends, but to save up more money to get same results.

I want to go to America .. i really want.. but if i go HELP is save more money and get same results... I can choose to stay local or study overseas.. But i really have to study very very hard.. thus, if i go there it wont be for long like 2years or something, it will be like 6~8months only. then graduate then walah!! XD

Oh well.. Im not pissed actually.. i actually feeled more relieve.. XP Saving up more money and everything.. and you knw what my mom said to convince me? Since she can save up to sooo much money, she can buy me a car! 8D HELP i go!! XD

INTI, byebye.. HELP, here i come! XD

I going to free for a few days again.. oh well.. lets just sit and wait.. XP