Friday, January 1, 2010

Final Birth By Sleep News!!

I knw during the last post abt BbS news i said it was the last.. but SCREW it! Heres more news!! XD

Terra and His huge canonball keyblade..

Okay i dun really have much pictures.. cause im going to do talking more..

It is comfirm that due battling system is IN.. as in you get to enter a room with yur friends who have BBS throught Wi-fi (or anything else that connects) and fight with monster to get points.. which team has the most points win! What i told you before was co-op due mode.. Now you have versus mode!! As in you fight with your friends!! 8D Yay!! First Kingdom Hearts which have this system ever in history!!

You knw the guy in masked and black cloths? AKA Xehanort's appertice.. His name is Vanitas.. but who is he?? We have to play the game to find out..

In BBS, the have a final form.. the only final form i knw is for Ven. This final form is called WingBlade.. and its awesomely strong!!

I think this game is more of skills than wacking monsters here and there.. the skills in this game are like unlimited!! Different kinds of skills are available in this game!! In terms of magic or ability or skills.. there are just too many!! Yet cool..

The suck as part of this game.. is that you have to play mini-games to continue the story.. thats not the suck part if you knw japanese!! D8 Nvm.. i've been through that all the time but i still can pull it through. XD

In BBS.. all three.. Ven, Terra and Aqua will die.. This is what i think.. and the story doesnt end.. the only one which can stop this ending is.. Sora!! Yeah, the guy who wears big yellow shoes like mickey mouse! XD

Basicly this game rocks!! Its sooo connecting!! Man and it going to be out in another 6 more days.. i know i will be in college and everything.. so i guess i will spend lesser time playing with the game.. X(

remember the date is.. 9.1.10!! Remember that!! Download ASAP and send it to me! (unless i download it earlier than u all la.. XD)

Enuf talking and theres the lastest trailer!!!

The longest trailer so far in BbS.. so i guess this is it!! Its coming out!!