Thursday, February 18, 2010

My CNY + My Presentation Day

Hi KL ppl, im back from my far far away kampung, Alor Setar (for those of you who dont know la.) Yeap, im a kampung boy.. i play with cows, chickens and doggies..

I got some chinese new year pictures.. its actually some after chinese new year picture. XP Soon to upload in here.. stay tune!! XP

I spend Valentines with my assignment.. We spend the whole day together. How romantic.. XD

I had a nightmare on the first day of new year.. its something abt not passing up my CP assignment and something bad really happened.. So ever since that day, i tried my best to finish it asap!!

I finished my assignment.. spend one whole night doing it.. XP It was good but i still think is a little bit messy and not so good quality work... Oh well thats what you'll get for doing it last minute.

I would like to take the time to thank the ppl that night who temaned me and also help me out with my microsoft words stuffs. XP TQ x100

I learned something new ever since that day.. Not all nightmares and scary.. XP It could be helpful sometimes! XD

Today was presentation day, well i thought i was dead for doing it so messy and last minute. whats worst is that my partner (Peter) came late for class!! D8 but still i turns out lots of my class member didnt do as well. o.O 4 out of 9 groups did the presentation. Mr.Siva was very dissapointed..

Peter came late.. Very late.. so i have to do the presentation alone. So, volunteer to go up first and present. I dunno what other ppl think.. but i have to say.. I think i did pretty well presenting it. XP (perasaan shit!)

After class.. go a teman Marie with her assignment a little bit then go teman elaine with her lunch then go teach canny how to do a litle bit of finite maths.. pretty much a busy day.. i brought YUI Tan to campus but dont really have the time to play it. XP

I learned something new again.. Calculus student cannot teach finite maths prefectly! Althought its something like mod-maths, but still u cannot teach one! (mayb its just me)

Heres another thing. I had this new friend in facebook and shes from HELP as well, names Ysabella. I said hi to her today, and she dunno who am i!! D8 Mayb its just facebook.. but still dissapointment. X( I hope that doesnt do the same with Candy. XP

Now im in Justin's house party. Gambling is not my thing.. XD

Assignment Burden GONE!! Now, Mid-term Burden! D8

Wish me luck~