Monday, February 22, 2010

Another Day out with College Friends

Right after Calculus exams i hung out with my bunch of college friends again.. but today was waaaay longer than the last one. We almost spend half of the day together! More bonding and stuffs.. XP

People who joined along are..
Saiful, Nick, Faris, Alex, Corliss, Candy, Ming Yi and Hian Woon.
(run out of colours to put for all their names. XD)

After exams, we took a ride on Corliss's car from Wisma HELP back to Main HELP! And people in the car are..

Alex Kwok. Who stole the front sit from me!

Candy. Who is sitting on my right.

And Saiful on the left.

Corliss was busy driving.. i did took a pic of her but she called me to delete it. X(

Corliss drivin was kinda funny for some reasons.. thus im like putting pressure on her while she was driving.. All of us kinda dun have sense of direction back to main campus. Candy was thinking of using GPS. But when he on her GPS we already found our way back to main campus. XD

We parked the car at the residence of HELP. Well, its free that why. XD

It was a pretty much hot day.. since it was like around noon and everyone is like have fobias about getting shine by the sun.. XD watch..

Okay, exclude Alex.. he took the shine like a man..

This is Corliss. See what i mean about sunshine fobia? XD

The security here was pretty darn tight.. The guard was not going to let us out until.. Alex shouted to the guy that he live there! XD

I have trouble finding where to eat. We thought of going to Pizzahut at first but then it was kinda close.. Geram gila.. then our next choice was McD. Thankfully McD is open. (like duh~) We ordered our food and start eating.. All of us are hungrios!! XD

See how much fun are we having?? XD

My mom use to told me that we are not suppose to use handphone when we are on the eating table. XD

A better picture a Hian Woon. Last time one was blur.. XD

Meet Ming Yi, a huge MU fan. XD

We started having bonding session and making thing funnier with some jokes..

Saiful with his jokes again.. XD

Nick and Saiful has this special ability that can change any topic, i said ANY TOPIC into Dota!! D8 How can maths and gradient turn into Dota la? You tell me. XD

After we dicided to go to HELP Residence to have fun. But Candy have to go. So i volunteer to teman her until she go home. We talked a little bit in main campus and then i waved bye to Candy. X) Next, RUN back to Residence..

Meet the HELP Residence..

We then intrude Alex's room.. muahaha! XD

Then we start chilling out by listening to musics and being jocoons ourselves. XP

The toilet there is extremely clean.. worth taking a picture of it. XD

Corliss is having fun there..

Corliss is still haveing fun but Saiful just ignores.. XD

Faris is having fun touching nick's ass..
Proven Faris is Gay! XD (just kidding..)

This pictures looks like everyone is watching porn. XD

Nick having a great time chilling. XD

Corliss got tired half way.. XD

Hian Woon with his awesome hat! XD

Legs.. Mine is middle, Saiful on the left and Nick at the right.

In addition Nick's middle finger. XD

Saiful trying to be MJ. XD and his not doing it the right way..

Nick annot take Saiful's errors. So he shows him an example..

Saiful still cant get it right.. shesssh.. XD

Faris with the Awesome hat..

Alex with the awesome hat..

Corliss with the awesome hat..

If you actually notice.. everyone wore the awesome hat. XD

Then we had this like 'So You Think You Can Dance' thingy there.. but the judges are like american idol judges.. what?? XD Messed up a little bit.. Nick as like the dancer there.. oh ya! Corliss danced too.. (funny videos will be on facebook soon..XD)

Then something funny happened.. Nick and Saiful has a little bit of WWE going on there..

They started by trying to carry each other..


Then the battle between Nick and Saiful begins.. What title are they fighting for? I totally have no idea.. Problaly some douchebag title. XD

Nick sat on Saiful..

Saiful sees an opening.. and ATTACKS!

Nick screams in pain!! Ouch..

Nick tries to grab Saiful..

Saiful struggles..

Saiful pushes Nick to the bed.. Victim involved: Alex. XD

Hian Woon doesnt know who to support..

Saiful tried to grab Nick..

The battle goes on and on and on and stiil, in the end no one win.. the winners are like the audience. We got free shows! And i got free blog materials! XD

All of us got hungry again.. so we went to Ali Maju and have a dinch. (the word mixture of dinner and lunch that i made up. XP)

Chit-Chatting again..

Caught Faris stonning.. XD

Alex was so nice, he wanted to gimme some of his food. XD

Corliss did the same too. X)

Went home and straight away sleep.. woke up and listen to music and studied study skills and computer a little.. then go on facebook and chat again. XP

Overall.. its a good day! I wish we can do that more and more often. XP

Oh wait.. we are going out on thursday again right? XD

Something no related to the post title..

I got addicted to the song 'Valentine' by Kina Grannis eventhough valentines day had past a long long time ago.. XD So, i made a cover of it. Hope u guys will enjoy it. X)

Please Rate, Comment and Subcribe me it on youtube! X)