Thursday, February 11, 2010

Taking off Soon

Happy Chinese New Year.

I hear that line everywhere, even from lectures.. Still, i have made my conclusion that my chinese new year is not going to be "happy" anymore for me. Why?? Cause im going to spend most of the time doing my computer principle assignment. Not to say its a bad thing. but its just that no more chinese new year 'ohm' ady.. XP

Assignments.. Im worried about Peter these days.. he looks pretty sad these days. I dunno why? Asked him and he said "Nothing". Mayb there is something on with him or mayb its just me

Im happy that i get to go back to my kampung again. Its nice to be kampung boy.. i remember when i was young i love to jump into muddy pools. XD And i love the dogs over there. They are even smarter than my dog! XD

Now my kampung turn into some technology kampung. Looks even technology then my house. D8 There are like 5 computers there for us to use. D8 Such geng punya kampung, who dont wanna go? XD

Im taking off soon, im going back tonight around 11pm bus i guess..

Hope you all have a HAPPY Chinese New Year. X)