Friday, February 26, 2010

The Day Itself

I went outing with Alex, Saiful, Ah Keong, Tarvin, Nat, KCY and Steven. Althought most of them cant really make it but still we had a great time together doing guys stuffs like bowling and snookering.. but i didnt take any photos that time.. dunno why.. XD

But before i left i did found something pretty interesting..

this picture is specially taken for Saiful.. XD

That night my tuition friends dicided to celebrate my b'day for me. How nice of them.. although they are late and I have to cancel some of my plans.. but still.. it turn out great. X)

Meet Suet Ping..

and Su Teng.

and Choong Lye.

It was Choong Lye's b'day that day as well! 8D Yeah, and whats more coincidence is that we were born on the same day, same year, same place but i was 2 hours earlier than him. XD

How sweet of them to get a fruit cake for me.. We played around a little and then we decided to go out and have dinner together.. So, we head to ss2 restorans and eat. XP

Suet Ping and Su Teng.

and blur kes Choong Lye. XD

After celebrating they head home.. X) Its nice to see them again.. I hope to see the soon again. That shouldnt be a BIG problem since that we live near by each other..

Bye Bye~ X)

After that.. No cakes from my parents.. just me and my guitars.. But no worries.. i've been through worst. Plus, i had a great day the day before.. nothing can pull be down on that day. XD Not to forget i got a fantastic b'day present.. Let me show you guys..

Guys meet my new guitar! X)

Looks alot like a old one but this one bigger, heavier, smoother and it had a strum pad on it. XD Sorry to the old one but i really really like this new one.. XD

Can you see the difference? XD

Dont worry, i still loved both guitars and i am not selling neither one of them. XP

Special thanks to the two sneaky bastards there which are
Kaiboon and Suilun. XD

Well not to forget these people as well. Thanks guys.. X)

So Klex, are u going to name your guitar like you did to the first one?

Hell Yeah!! Theres even more reasons to name this baby here! XD And this guitar is also a female.. its not china made.. so i guess its american babe. XD I want it to be a female again.. well.. guys naming their guitar a guy name just feels.. weird.. and sooo gay! XD

I asked a few friends around for names.. Ask hearing weird suggestions and everything.. I finally got one.. (and that didnt take long to found it. XP)

Libby Swift.

Libby sounds cute and Swift is from Taylor Swift which is my favourite female celebrity. XD So mix them together you get that. Name Credits: Candy. XP

I still wont foget YUI Tan. Dont worry.. XP I still strumm her once in awhile.. so that she doesnt get jealous or anything. XD

Wow, 2 guitars.. so now if one of the guitar strings break.. I have another one! 8D Makes prefect maths sense. XP

*blows candles* And Im Eighteen now. X)