Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another Update..

College.. Quiz.. Meeting new friends.. Assignments.. yeap thats how college life is.

Quiz are killers.. although they are like mini-exams but still.. Quize are a killers. I think i done pretty badly for all of my quizes.. dammit.. this is so not good..

I meet up some new friends, all thanks to the mixed class for computer principle. XP Well, i didnt really get the pictures of them, (cause i just know them) and thus, im lazy making pictures already. XD

I finally found a JAM partner! One day, i was in DSA playing alittle bit of pool with Cai Hong and then played a little bit of ping pong with Aaron. Then this guy called Nick Tan came in with a guitar and started talking to me. As u all knw, im very very sensetive to guitars, so i go and grab a guitar. (the guitar was only 5 strings) and then both of us started play 'Love Story'. Damm we're good. XD

Assigments.. argh.. now im screwed.. im not been really hardwoking these days.. and CNY is coming. So im not going to getting ang pao.. i'll be getting knowledges about Internet Security more. XD

Finally something really good happened in HELP and only a few people know about these.. XP Hinting KaiBoon knows. XP (Kaiboon dont tell ah! XD)

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