Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mid-Term + College Friends Out Day!

Mid-Term.. well i seriously dont mind about Mid-Term. Its actually the way to telling us to improve and test how much we've learn for these past few months. I actually cool with mid-term.. But having mid-term in the middle of the CNY? Sucks..

I cant go and play guitar for CNY Caroling all thanks to IE exam.. Haiz.. I miss out RM45 angpaos and lots of nice food. X(

Morning Vania fetch me to Wisma Help Campus. Honestly i've never been to that place before. XD So I asked Vania to fetch me. XP How nice of Vania's mom to gimme ang pao when i enter the car.. the $$ in there is not that bad as well. Thank You~ XP

IE exam.. I think the paper was okay.. not so easy, not so hard. I think i be able to get some great grades anyways but I think chancesl for HD is very little. ( and told JinHwei that i will get HD! D8)

IE exams over. Whats next? The killer... Calculus.. Im am Farked!!

After exams, Me, Nick, Saiful, Ivan, Dex, Alex, Ming Yi, Faris, Corliss, Mandy all went to Subway and have lunch there. Thanks to them, i was my first time stepping foot into Subway. XD Honestly, the food there is not half bad but just that its a little bit expensive.

After that, Corliss and Mandy and Ming Yi went back.. Leaving Me, Nick, Saiful, Ivan, Dex, Alex and Faris there. We spend a little bit of quality college guy talk together.. actually is more like a pratical joke talk together. XD Laugh the shit out of us! XD

I havent been laugh that hard since 2 weeks before SPM. X) Those guys are like giving me heart attacks with their jokes! Especially Saiful's. XD

From the left going up>> Dex, Nick and Ivan
From the Right going up>> Saiful, Faris and Alex.

Meet Nick. My jamming bro. XD His b'day is EXTREMELY close to mine. XD

Meet Ivan. Pro-ass joker.. XD

Faris and Alex.
U all might have seen Alex before in my blog but not Faris.
Faris can freaking drive and they said that his horny!! XD
Just kidding~

Saiful aka Momo a even pro-er ass joker than Ivan! His jokes was a killer! XD

and not to forget, Dex!! A [Sorry Sorry] fan freak! XD

He still looks gay to me.. XD (its just a joke, his straight! XD)

Like i said before, Faris freaking can drive!! D8
He fetched us back to HMC!! How nice.. XP

Alex looks happy, Nick looks normal and Saiful looks sad. XD

After that me and Saiful wait for the bus. We we're lucky that the was early and empty. 8D After that, we split up when the bus reachs tropicana city. X)

I found this right on the road side.. no kidding..

WTF!? D8

Walked all the way home and chat with Candy and little bit on fb and then make a few new video guitar covers on Youtube. XP (Go and check it out if u all want to, its on the right of my blog applications.)

I have to say that im very lucky to have great college friends.. or shud i say Amazing friends.. I actually can be FULLY YuMing again. (Although my name is Klex)

My brother and sister says that there will be even more drama in College life. So far, im good and nothing happens. I just hope that i can stay like this forever. X)

Calculus is on Monday and I am Farked!