Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Holidays has already started 2 days ago.. and so far.. these two days are extremely boring.. Well its because all my other friends are busy with their college life, and i am too broke to go out with my college friends. XD

Plus, my brother took my PSP away (like usual) but he did left the computer at home to keep me entertain.. but still.. early in the morning no one will go online one, plus when it comes to evening, my brother will be back home already. So long story short.. im still bored...


If only i can go out and freaking see the green things! Well i actually did.. early in the morning when im bored.. i will bring Jasper (my doggie) out for a quick walk. XP

Dogs are men's best friend. X)

Some of my friends are like.. Are a Girls Generation fan? (GG) I'll be very honestly with u all.. im not a very very big one. I dont even remember most of their names! XD I do listen to their songs.. and look at their bodies.. but im not "AHHHHHHH!!!" crazy of them. XP But i do like one of them.. (its a very normal thing to like one of them only)

Yoona! XD I find her very pretty..

She has like the sweetest smile among all 9 of them. XP

Well.. i dont know about plastic surgery and everything about this one.. but shes good looking. As long as she still looks good without make up then enuf ady la. XD

For some weirdly reason.. she looks like Jia Lin. XP

My theory is like that.. whenever something bad happens to you.. soon and soon.. something good will happened to you. This theory works fine for me so far. I have been boring myself these days.. and guess what happened today?

My brother came home with a small box and he says 'Nah, this one give you.' I open and see what's inside the plastic bag. Guess what i saw..

Its a freaking LAPTOP!! D8

Its the legendary Ferrari laptop! D8

Its a real laptop!! D8 D8 D8

And its freaking MINE!? 8D

I was shocked myself.. that i got my own laptop! That is just crazy!! whats more surprising is that my brother brought that for.. with my mother's money.. XD (and i thought he was freaking rich.)

Well of course the theory works backwards as well.. If something really really good happened to you.. then soon and very soon.. some bad will come along again. And again, my theory works again.

I maybe the owner of the laptop but my brother will be the one using most of the time. So, im the owner who cant really use what he owns. XD Well i dont mind.. as long as i got my konon-nya own laptop. XD

Then, some of my friends start going to my pictures and wall and start writing something like 'SCREW UP MAN!' or something 'I HATE YOU'. Well no big deal.. u guys are just jealous. XD (hinting Candy. XP)

Good things happened.. but whats most important is that.. i miss my friends.. anyone of them! You got good things but u cant share with them about it sucks..

Sometimes.. i wish im like Domokun.XP No matter what happens.. his expression is the same! XD Thats like some god like ability wei! XD

If i can rearrange the alphabets, i will put I and U together.

Tomorrow, im going campus early! I dont care, cause i miss my college and friends! XD