Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sound of Compassion Concert

I was excused from sunday classes cause i need more rest for the biggest day ever in my buddhist life history!

That night we are going perform for the biggest buddhist haiti concert ever in malaysia! 8D and we, One Voice One Melody are chosen to perform! 8D

All of us gathering around the main hall.

Some of our volunteers helped out for the event.

And Suilun was our full time pianist again. XD

For those of you who dont know, this is a condenser mike. XP

Looks small but its a very very strong kind of mike.

And the crowds goes wild! well not yet la.. but later yes! XD

MOD setting up their stage positions.

FYI, MOD is one of the famous buddhist singing group ever! XD

Stage master was like 'Okay! Can hear!' XD

After there was Igems. (woohoo! my favourite! XD)

We are just relaxing around after our stage settings.

The sky there was beutiful as well.

I got to take a picture it of! at least twice. XP

After all our stage settings and everything.. we all went to the changing rooms and lepak there.. go there style our hair.. go there a change our cloths.. go there talk about.. OPPSS!! too much information leaked. XD

Meet the guys in my choir group. XD

they didnt really notice me taking their pictures at all! XD

Look at everyone styling their hair. XD Macam yes..

Alright got to start changing now! X)

*change.. change.. change.. zippp!*

For some reason.. i look like Max here.. XD

Yes, i did do my hair a little bit.. lots and lots and lots of waxing. Well cause my hair is thick? XD Its been a long long time every since i put things that can harden my hair on my head. XP Come to think of it.. its been like 6 months or more already! D8

Kelvin was our hair stylist that day. XD

Vanessa came in and check all of our hairs.

On the other side.. on the front stage..

The event havent start actually. XD They are just testing the lights. XP

Back to the back stage.. time to take pictures with my friends.. XP

Me and Kai Cong.

Me and Suilun. (with some weird expression. XD)

Me and Justin.

Mun Ping and Me.

I forgot how to tie a tie ady! But thanks to Yanleng, no problem! X)

As a reward, i took a special picture with her. XD
(a good bro and sis pic. XP)

Me and Suelyn. (another bro and sis picture. XP)

Me and SuiYuan. (Another pink partner! XD)

Me and Victor.

There was actually cameras there! D8 Thank god im dressed. XD

Im in Pink tie.. gotta take a picture even know i dun like it. XD

Vanessa is already panic-ing! XD

My sister making up ShuMei. (Michelle Phan's student. XD)

Only 5 minutes lefft till our performance..

Everyone gathered around..

Listen to the little last advice from Vanessa.

After 5 minutes.. its time for us the rock the stage!

And the crowd goes wild!! Woohoo~

Btw, this picture was not taken while we are singing.. XP Neither thispicture was photo-shopped. Keep that in mind.. XD

Our performance went perfectly great.. everyone was cheering and there are crowds standing up and clapped for us. From that.. we all know that we did great. X)

After that.. everyone went down to watch the continue events.. but me and Suilun choose to stay.. for some reasons.. XP We stay cause we wanna take picture with all the famous buddhist singers! XD

A picture with me and MOD! 8D

The picture was soo good, that we have to take another one. XD

Me and Igems. (Kyaaaaa! XD My favourite!)

Gotta take another just incase.. XD

Me and Sue Lyn Chia. (Igem's lead female singer. and shes pretty. XP)

Vanessa merajuk cause i took picture with another girl.

In the end, i took a picture with her as well. X)

Me and Winnie Ho. (another very talented buddhist singer.)

My scarf changed into black! Wohooo! gotta take a picture of it.XP
(some reason.. i looked like super junior. XP)

Guess which is Suelyn and which is Yanleng. XD

One word.. GAY! XD

Chillex-ing by playing Libby for awhile. XP

After that.. we all have to go back on stage and perform another last song with all the other buddhist singers.. and our song was HEAL THE WORLD! X)

Look at everyone's participations. X)

Other famous buddhist singers from other schools. X)

In the end.. all of us started shaking hands here and there..

I danced a little bit of Sorry Sorry. XD

The last picture of the day with the sexiest man there, Qi Wei! XD

Overall.. the whole event was amazing!! One of the most memorable night that i can have this year. X) Along with my friends.. and with famous singers (take picture with them).. im glad i was choosen to sing with them. X)

Especially the singing with famous buddhist hymm signers. They might not be any famous super stars from overseas or a famous as Taylor Swift. But they are very very important singers that used their voice and song to guide me through my life. X) My happy to get to sing along with them tonight. X)

Good and best thing that im in choir is that i can sing.. not alone.. but with my friends. X)

Me and Suilun are even trying to make our very own One Voice One Melody Album by writing our own song.. well studies comes first, so we'll see. XP

And guess what? after our performance.. we got our next performance already! 8D Alright! GO GO GO!! XD