Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Random Pictures in my Phone AGAIN

Another day of random pictures in my phone! XD

Joey talking, Corliss Day Dreaming and Max doing shyts. XD
This picture was like before Pyjamas Party.. XP

DAI SEI HEI!! Means all north south east west victory.
It was pure luck to get this wei.. plus its one of the best cards! XD

Taddddaaaaa~ Like i said.. pure luck! XD

Some pictures from Sunday School.. XP

Suelyn gave me and YanLeng sour sweets! XD

Suelyn's bag.. its actually filled with tons of amazing and weird stuffs! XD
(its like some doreamon pouch! XD)

Last time was mahjong.. now its poker cards chocolate! XD

All thanks to Suelyn! XD

Pictures from yesterday's 1U trip..

I like sky.. Your world is My World! X)

Look at everyone having fun.. X)

What?? So now guys cannot camwhore now la? XD
(I swear.. it was all Daniel's idea! XD)

Sometimes.. the sky above 1U is beutiful..
What am i saying.. the sky is always beutiful! XD

Then another few pictures from College today..

YAY! a picture with Ms Annie.. XD (yes, im happy.. XP)

Hor Hor HOR.. caught CaiHong and HueiKey off guard.. XP

Ah Kiong was kinda sleepy.. XD

Fiona was sleepy as well.. i wish i can do that.. XP

Look its Max, the pizza delivery guy! XD

Mandy looked extremely cute in that dress. XD

This reminds me of someone.. her name starts with flamable.. XD

Then there was this abandon injured dog outside the campus..

Its cute issint it? its a golden retrever! XD

Its sad.. i can tell.. X(

Its buttocks! XD

Its an extremely young and cut dog.. I hope that its happy. X)

I hope its there at the entrance everytime i go home.. X)

I cant take it but to take a picture of this.. Girl Generations! XD

Alright.. thats all today.. im going to take a rest now..

22 more days.. and its going to decided everything..