Sunday, April 25, 2010

One long and Boring Update

After the genting trip (which was like 2 days ago) everything has been completely back to normal boring-ness again.

Its not that i dont wanna go out, its because im too broke to go out! Alex understands how i feel..

Its not that i dont wanna to play some video games to entertain myself, its because i dont have video games to entertain myself.

The 'best' entertaining thing that i have with me right now is my guitar, my phone and facebook. Well facebook not very much since its kinda lifeless at some certain point.

These days im just downloading more and more kingdom hearts instrumental music into my phone.. and stalk a little bit of Yoona (from Girls Generation/SNSD).

Kingdom hearts instrumental music are soooo touching and yet sad.. well cause the story is always a sad ending and sometimes there might have people dying.. its always touching music. Well i like it since im the kind of emotional guy! XD

Of course i download some epic battle theme music as well la. Cause they are epic thats why i download them! Well i think i download them for no farking reason actually. XP

Having alittle bit of fun with my Ferrari laptop these days. It deserve to be called Ferrari cause the speed of the laptop is super duper fast. Mayb cause its a new laptop.. XD But most of the time my brother will take it out and use or something. So yeah.. XP

Sometimes, it pretty awesome to talk with ur close high school friends again. I've been talking to Alvin KCY alot lately.. and i just had a dinner with WeiSoong. Beside Tarvin and Nat, these two are the best friend around me in high school.

Its funny that KCY knows my kind of taste very well.. XP And WeiSoong understand the situation of it. Its weird and funny cause.. i only talk to them through internet and they understand me! Shud meet up with my other high school friends more often. XD

Mom: 'Well its sem break, ever thought of what to take next sem?'

Well, honestly.. No.. I havent been really thinking of anything about my future right now. I have very lack of confident in what im going to be in the future already. (all thanks to calculus)

We'll see how the results really goes than only i decided.

Corliss: 'You should be a Psychologist'

Well.. never thought of taking that before.. but thanks for suggesting corliss. I have been doing a little bit of research about psychologist. I even watch a movie about psychologist. Its actually kinda cool.. its like u can read people's mind or something.

But i think im not really that kind of person who can deal with such things. I cant really control my emotionals.. so yeah, its tough.

Yes, some of you who know about it.. im am taking a big risk of my life.. i have been playing with fire from the start already.. so, since i already know about the risk to taking it, i should know how to to control it. X) Its never going to be easy.. but i will try. X) Lets just wish me the best of luck la. XP

but of course, first i need to get myself some balls.. XD And i rmbr one of Corliss's message was like.. 'Grab your balls.. NOW!!' XD

I think thats enough update for the day la.. XP thank god im getting out from my house tomorrow, and im going to campus to tour guide new intakers! XD Lets hope theres a good turn out la. X)