Saturday, May 1, 2010


Its funny that these days my blog post title are all in like ONE word. XD

I have been doing alot of thinking these days.. (which is what i do best.. but not in the study ways) And come to think of it.. and to be honest about it.. my love is not as beutiful as my college life. (that always happens) and of course i did alot of talking to people around.. (kepochi)

I've talked to alot of people alot lately.. and kepochi in their life/love stories.. and honestly.. i find a few of them very/pretty similiar to me..

Max and Wai Sin are both the people that are pretty similiar to me. XP

Nothing related to the topic..
Do i look alike MAX to anyone of u all? o.O Beside the fact that both of our nick names rhythms.

Well.. im no experts in this kind of things.. but of course.. i will help whoever is facing problems.. I will solve them before my problems. X) Well of course.. when i solve their problems.. i gain experience and i mayb can solve mine. XP

See ONE stone, hit TWO birds! XD

I shall not say my love life is prefect.. well actually its not close to prefect at all.

She everything to me.. but im not everything to her..

So whats the point? What im going to do is sit down and wait la.. XP (Tarvin's favourite move.) When the time is right.. i will do it.. or mayb when the time its right.. i will decide. X)

Thank you Corliss, Daniel and Justin for the small advice..

From the start i've been playing with fire.. so i know the risk. X)