Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pretty Busy Saturday..

Saturday.. the first thing that i did when i woke up was.. on my sister's laptop and start typing the list of Rose Message orders..

When i plug in my pen drive.. and check everything.. and i just noticed that my Order list was corrupted! D8 I have to re-type and re-edit everything! ALL OVER AGAIN! D8 Bah.. after long 1 hours plus or typing (i was watching Destination Truth at the same time..) i finally finish typing.. but after that, i didnt know it will be hard for me to print the whole thing! D8 I'll find my way..

After settling the Rose Message stuffs.. My brother came back home with a movie that im die-ing to see...


I've been desperately wanted to watch this show.. well cause it was from the director of Death Note, the main actor was Kira from Death Note movie and YUI is singing for this movie! 8D Actually.. it was YUI's music that recommand me to watch this movie..

A very touching movie.. with full of epic-ness.. strategies.. and also scams! FULL of SCAMS!! Its like half of the time, the whole movie is telling u that scam is like the MOST POWERFUL thing in the world. You know how to scam, u live and survive.

Basicly.. the movie is all about LUCK and GAMBLE. Pretty epic.. and the rules of the game are pretty easy and not complicated..

The bad thing about this movie is.. NO hot girls.. X( but who cares.. YUI is singing for the movie! I heard her [Never say Die] and [Its all too much] in the movie.. YAY! XD

Come to think of it.. i've not been listening to YUI musics that much lately.. DX Kinda missed her cute cute voice already.. *turns on mp3 and starts listening*

I miss her voice..

I miss her style of playing the guitar..

I miss her smile!

Some of my college friends are like.. 'I thought u are obessed with Taylor Swift.. and whose YUI??'. To be extremely honest.. im not a really big fan to Taylor Swift.. well mayb BIG la.. but not as big as a YUI fan! XD

YUI is the girl who gave in the inspiration to sing and play guitar.. no really! A japanese girl gave me inspiration to sing and play guitar! No kidding! XD I like Taylor Swift cause she sings songs that are connect to my feelings. XP

I can die happily if i own this guitar.. XD

I need some new PSP games!! Im getting tired and bored of the same games.. its always 'Burnout', 'Dissidia', 'Monster Hunter' and 'Bleach'.. I need 'Birth By Sleep'.. DESPERATELY! D8

After that is lots and lots of plannings for the Rose Message Opearation itself.. and also some msn chat.. lets just cut everything short..

- Saiful says that i got my own style.. 8D I dunno what does that mean.. but it sounds pretty cool..

- The words that me and Max like to use in msn are 'Farker' and 'What 7!'

- I know a little bit more about Vicky today..

- I know a little bit more about Zhen Pei today..

- This is the second blog post of the day!

- I've got alot of things that i havent finish! D8

- Got 'gtg..' conversation like in seconds after i said it to her..

I think thats all for today la...

Tomorrow its going to be a BUSY day.. as in real busy! CFC, Sunday School and Rose Message Operation.. Wow.. Can die wei! D8

You dont know how much a sincere 'I miss you' means to me. X)