Friday, May 14, 2010

A day till weekend..

Friday.. Last sem i got one class.. but this sem i got two classes! No big deal.. as long as it doesnt start at 8am in the morning then i will be fine! XD

Ms.Tay for fierce today.. well cause most of us didnt really do our english home.. So.. we got scolded big time. (now we know that we shoudnt mess with her!) but after that.. everything seems to be back to normal again. XD

Today, CTS class was better than usual. The girls are more quiet this time! XD And another reason is cause i got my text book already! XD Now i can focus more in class.. To be honest, i didnt find CTS interesting at first.. now its the other way around. XP

After that.. time to promote Rose Message Operation again and today was our last day for promotion. And so far.. I've got around 80+ roses to deliver.. thats alot of work! D8 Good luck in delivering wei, Max. XD

Today was also March intakers first computer quiz.. from the looks on their face.. they all are like .. HOLY SHYT!! ITS COMPUTING!

Come on ppl.. its only computering.. memorize it like how u memorize sejarah la! Since it computing it should be waaaaaaaay easier to memorize. Plus, this quiz is only 5%.. so no big deal la. I didnt say u guys shud flunk it! I just say u guys need a chill pill. XD

While the march intakers are having their CP quiz.. we on the other side had a little bit of fun here and there! XD

Ivan, Daniel, Max, Faris and Corliss was there to entertain me. We started talking about 'something' which is freaking funny! Mine's was called 'Winkie', Max's was called 'Ivan', Ivan's was called 'Michelle', Daniel's was called 'Aeris', Faris's was called 'Tarzan' and Corliss's was named 'Gloria'. You dont get what we meant one la. XD

Max needs HUGS! I find this picture looks awesome! XD

I brought Death Note to campus so that i can keep my money inside there safe.. You will never know.. someone might be too afraid to open it! XD

After that Ivan, Daniel, Max and Faris are having a little face expression competition between each other. The rules are simple.. 4 of them have to stay the same face expression through out the game. The person who laughs first loses.. and the last one remaining win!

Go to facebook and check out the video.. its freaking funny.. XD

After that.. we decided to close the booth of Rose Message.. After this.. The REAL Rose Message Operation begins! XD *excited*

Max, my assistant of this operation and myself!

Meet my ass and my ass! XD (If u get what i mean..)

Nothing really much happen after that.. went to DSA play ping.. the come out and split up! They all decided to go to Midvalley but i choose not to cause im broke and i need MONEY!! $$$$ Simple as that.. XP

Amy Goh temaned me abit before i go home.. or shud i say.. i temaned her abit before she go home. XD

Then on my way home.. i found Esther taking the same bus as me! XD So, we had our journey home together..

Head back home and its home alone time.. Spend sometime playing guitar.. playing PSP and also trying to look for someone to text with.. XP

My brother then came home and then we start watching this Discovery Channel show called 'Destination Truth'. Ever heard of it? Its about this guy, Josh wanting to go all around the world looking for crazy things (monsters/creatures) and paranormal activities. Freaking scary and yet cool.. I bet the girls that are helping Josh in that show have more balls than i do..

Watching these shows really gives me the creeps but still.. the show is epic! They actually saw or hear something! I high recommand ppl to watch this show.. cause its freaking nice.. XD

After that.. its time to sleep off to the night..

Im moving along.. no worries.. X)

I've decided to give my rose to someone anyways. XP