Monday, May 3, 2010

Semester Two.. START!!

This morning i got woke up by my alarm.. Then i got kinda annoyed.. (gotta change my alarm ring tone la..) after that.. i just noticed that i need to get up and get ready for college again.. For some reason.. i not very happy about it..

Its the begining of a new semester.. and we, the january intakers are offically the seniors of Foundation level. XD (the JOY!)

My first class was Advanced English.. When i think of the word 'english' the first person i thought was Ms.Annie. D8 (i missed her alot..) Well, still we all got to move along.. as i was moving along the corridoor to my class. I spotted Max and Ivan walking the same way as well..

As we all started talking in our way to the class.. sudden we all walked into the same class room. Which means.. Max and Ivan are in my class! 8D (the JOY!) Three of us got so happy we started running around the corridoor asking other friends whether are they same class like us.

Sien Dee was like 'Same class ah!? Shit.. ' (turns out shes really not very happy about it.. i think.. o.O)

So in the end, Me, Max, Ivan, SienDee, Jason, KaiBoon, Mash, Ahad, Hevind and Risen are all in the same class. XD Pretty alot of people.. XP And our lecturer was Ms.Tay. She gave me a good first impression.. (for now..) dunno how will it be in the future la.. but i heard from people saying that shes very strict. (first day of class then got essay ady.) Oh well.. if it takes for me to improve.. strict is not a problem then.

Max and His Palm.. XD (i like this picture cause its cool! XD)

Ivan and his tongue.. XD (i like this picture cause its gay! XD)

Kai Boon and his back.. XD

Jason and his middle finger.. XD

and the browns on the other side of the table.. XD

When Ms.Tay start looking at the attendance.. I have a very bad feeling that something was going to happen. Cause before we write down our names, she says that we wants us to introduce ourself.. (read on and ur understand what i meant about something is going to happen)

Then when Ms.Tay spotted something interesting.. heres what she said..

Ms.Tay: Wow.. we have a very CUTE name in our class.. KLEX.. wow.. okay.. please introduce yourself then.

*whole class started laughing..*

Well.. at least my name is CUTE!! Ahaha! (from weird to cute.. thats a record. XP)

English class was good.. but from what i heard.. its going to be TOUGH TOUGH TOUGH. I might have tons of friends in the class.. but im not going to play a fool around that much anymore.. its time to get serious.. No more monkey business anymore!

After that i got like 3 hours break time.. which is kinda screwed up.. but i can spend time with my other friends. XD I never actually have lunch with Ysabelle and Fiona before. So, today is my first time! XD

Then, after eating i sold my text book to the other intakers and i got MONEY!! 8D $$ Then, i temaned Winnie (Jinhwei) until her class starts. (i missed talking with her) after that temaned Amy Goh around alittle bit.

Just so some of you dont know me.. a pat from a head is means.. i like you. X) I do that all the time in high school. XP

Then Internet Principle class starts.. its great since Mr.Siva is my leacturer again.. and this time.. im offically his favourite student in class. Why? cause im the only chinese guy there around! 8D but still it feels very left out sometimes..

I have to admit.. Computer Principle mayb kinda boring.. but Internet Principle is more interesting! 8D Finally i get to do some real animations! Yeah, its like what i wanted to do all this time! XD but of course its something related to the internet one la. XD Well, its about internet.. i can live with that. XD

After that.. spend around campus with Daniel, Justin, Amy and Jia Lin. Its amazing that i can talk very normally with march intakers.. XP well its a good thing la. XD Its a new building of bonding.. XP

Justin and Daniel are both gotten some Justin Bieber disease.. all because of the video about 'Justin Bieber is a GAY baby'. But still that video is really funny shyt.. XD

Then, when me, Candy, Faris, Alex, Daniel and Justin went to Pizzahat for some dinner.. then they all start spreading the justin bieber disease around us! XD We even made a funny joke about it.. XP (and we are not suppose to tell out. XD)

Its sucky since I have to teman Justin and Daniel BOTH in the bus journey.. its was funny and annoying at the same time. XD

After that i went home.. i started talking on msn again..

You know i have been holding this for a long time.. but now i had enough of it..


Some of them dont even reply at all, even better. Got so damm farking pissed sometimes.. it really starting to bug and annoyed me.. if ur busy just put farking busy status la! sheeshh...

Talked to Vicky and i found out that both of us are not very different after all.. another person who is pretty similiar to myself.. X)

Day one of semester 2.. well all i can say is so far so good. X)

'She still dont even care of what i do today..'